How to Take Action Against 5G – Max Igan In Conversation With Ray Broomhall


We have been working to get a legal knock out punch we can use to stop the rollout of small towers and we have achieved it. We can now go public and I posted this on FB today. Transcript and precautionary principle attached (includes Ray’s details) and YT link to podcast directly below.
How to Take Action Against 5G – Max Igan In Conversation With Ray Broomhall

Pay close attention when listening to this podcast – here are the gold nuggets if you don’t have time to listen. Please note this strategy should be effective in every country not just the commonwealth.

Ray Broomhall (Barrister) has found a criminal code breach via an “apprehended violence order” using a specific definition of assault in that code – i.e.. anybody who applies force without consent on another person is considered assault. And, most importantly, that applied force can be in the form of light, heat or electrical energy. The next critical part is getting expert medical advice that EMF is potentially harmful, which then creates a “reasonable fear” in the person affected by the emissions as an assault occurring on them.

At the 15 minute mark he goes into TPG’s roll out in Randwick (Sydney suburb). Ray helped stop the whole roll out of TPG small cell roll out. Not just a few small cells in Randwick but the entire nation. Ray is not an electrical engineer so he erroneously called it a 5G roll out, it wasn’t, TPG was rolling out 4G small cells at 700 MHz But you can bet your bottom dollar they would of swapped out antennas once 5G mm waves are licensed. Getting the medical sign off ( a critical part of the strategy) was easy in this instance as there were 8 doctors in just one street that engaged Ray to stop the Dundas St tower.

Now, this part is super important – Randwick council had no Development Application they could reject as small cells are considered “low impact” installations under the Telco Act, therefore they can be installed at a telco’s whim without council having any say. So the Council on behalf of residents made a recommendation to the federal government raising concerns as to the public health safety concerns. This alarmed TPG greatly as to the potential legal costs down the track.

Even though for small cells the Telco’s don’t have to do any DA or community notices… for good “PR” (but really to cover their backside so they can say we held community consultation and no one objected), the Telco’s will still run a “Community Consultation Session” which is usually an evening session in the community hall for locals to raise their concerns if they have any. The Telco will usually have a EMF expert (non-medical scientist that tows the ICNIRP thermal damage line) to alleviate people’s fears and give them all the skewed pro industry scientific “evidence”. TPG held one of these Community Consultation Sessions in Randwick so Ray showed up with some doctors and legally served TPG’s reps effectively putting them on notice that their actions constituted assault under the criminal code! This makes it very clear that the company, its directors and associated parties may be criminally liable. This put a fire under TPG execs backsides and they quickly realized entering the wireless world is not going to be as easy as they first thought.

Out of this action TPG basically pulled the plug on their foray into becoming Australia’s 4th major wireless provider. TPG of course used the cover story of the Huawei ban which helped them make their decision since Huawei gear is so much cheaper than Ericsson, Nokia, etc.. But it’s this legal threat that made them realize this would be way too costly of an exercise – especially since they were going to be exclusively focusing on building a small cell only network without the bigger towers.

Thank you Ray, RCC and all involved in this important action.

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