Hero of the Week: May 30, 2022: Del Matthew Bigtree

“There is a conversation that needs to happen right here and now if we are truly going to discuss a ‘Better Way’ forward….”

Del Bigtree

For the third time now, we are making Del Matthew Bigtree our Hero of the Week. Del demonstrated his leadership yet again as one of the most important voices for vaccine risk awareness during last week’s “Better Way Conference,” where he moderated the closing debate at the end of the first day. (Virtual passes to the conference are still available.)

Addressing a circle of scientists and vaccine researchers, including Dr. Robert Malone, Geert Vanden Bossche, and others, Del was able to initiate a much-needed debate on the difference between the theoretical side of immunology and scientific models of vaccines, and the process of manufacturing and regulating substances that—facilitated by government agencies—are delivered and administered to our bodies by a multibillion-dollar industry that has a consistent track record of malfeasance and fraud.

Whether or not vaccines “work,” and how, is a different question from the critical issue of why we would continue to allow a criminal cartel and corrupt regulatory bodies to push them upon us, all the while using “science” as their cover and defense.

For many viewers of the online conference, this important distinction may have gone unnoticed, but Solari wants to highlight it as one of the key debates necessary to come to clarity and accountability. Del Bigtree did a superb job in bringing these questions into awareness, providing a framework allowing different opinions and possible disagreements to be shared in open debate.

Del was able to do this because of the many years of hard work that he and his team have put in at The Highwire and the Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN). Together, they have produced thousands of hours of film, research, interviews, and activism, giving voice to the reality of vaccine injury, injured people’s experiences, and the medical environment in which those injuries occur. And, Del and his team are able to tell the difference between real-deal questions and smoke-screen tactics.



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