Hero of the Week: February 8, 2021 — Dr. Simone Gold

Dr. Simone Gold, MD, JD, and founder of America’s Frontline Doctors, was arrested for entering the Capitol on January 6th, where she was giving a presentation at a “Rally for Health Freedom” on the east side of the Capitol. 

Dr. Simone Gold is the organizer of an open letter signed by more than 600 doctors asking President Trump to end the lockdowns. She also sounded the alarm about doctors being restricted from prescribing an FDA-approved medicine to their patients, as well as the risks of taking experimental biological agents (the v@ccine), insisting on the word “experimental”.

Dr. Gold’s calls to action: Signing and sharing the petition on Stop Medical Discrimination, as well as helping cover her legal fees here.

In this video, she gives a powerful presentation summarizing her message.