Hero of the Week: February 20, 2023: Ross and Lyn Ulbricht

We are making Ross Ulbricht and his mother Lyn our Heroes of the Week because we want to keep the case to “Free Ross Ulbricht” alive.

Ross Ulbricht, the idealistic creator of the free e-commerce website Silk Road that allowed people to trade anonymously, received a double life sentence plus 40 years without parole for non-violent charges. Clearly a victim of judicial and prosecutorial abuse by the federal government, he was framed by unfounded accusations and falsified records. His case is not least about all of us in a digital world and how anyone can be trapped by the control grid.

The case is complex and involves many layers of lies and high-level pay-offs. It is worthwhile walking through the Case Overview and its many subpages on the “Free Ross” website put together by Lyn, where all relevant documentation has been made public.

In 2018, Lyn tried to move then-president Donald Trump to pardon her son but failed. In May 2022, Congressman Thomas Massie brought up Ross Ulbricht’s cause before the Executive Branch, also asking for clemency. Catherine purposefully keeps mentioning Ross’s name, and we are putting a spotlight on Ross Ulbricht’s case today because we don’t want the current impossibility of getting a pardon from a Democratic White House to stop us from fighting for it at the next possible opportunity. With certain individuals and senators no longer in office, we have a chance of getting an amnesty during the next administration.

So, let’s keep the case alive, and let’s honor both Ross and his mother and let them know that we continue to pray for and stand with them, and to fight for justice.

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