Hero of the Week: December 26, 2022:  Michael H. Shuman

“If you and your neighbors could shift even a small amount of that capital from Wall Street to Main Street, your local economy could flourish.” ~ Michael Shuman

Michael Shuman is our wonderful hero for this week. For decades, Michael has been teaching entrepreneurs, investors, and local neighborhoods about community economics. His passion is to help people “put their money where their life is”—an idea that also serves as the title of his most recent book reviewed here by Catherine.

Like Catherine, attorney Michael Shuman promotes investment into local economies and neighborhoods and shifting a portion of your money from Wall Street to Main Street and even “small street.” Too often, we continue to finance the very systems and the same predators that are out to enslave us instead of building opportunities in the locations where our lives and businesses actually happen. Michael teaches us how to reverse this and understand the importance of investing locally, through community exchanges, pollinator enterprises, and support for local food and energy enterprises.

Catherine first met Michael in the 1990’s. Like Catherine, in all that time he has never given up on his vision and advocacy of local wealth and community investment. His very affordable workshops (which can be booked over his website) are highly educational and provide a wealth of actionable intelligence to help you navigate your own local business or invest in one.

Michael Shuman is one special representative of an army of educators and advocates helping to rebuild our world and economy into a more decentralized and human enterprise.


Homepage of Attorney Michael Shuman

Book Review: Put Your Money Where Your Life Is

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