Take Action – 4th Quarter 2018

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The Henrietta Lacks Foundation
Henrietta Lacks Foundation | 31 December 2018
Financial assistance to individuals in need, and their families, who have made important contributions to scientific research without personally benefiting from those contribution.

David Collum’s 2018 Year In Review: “The Year Everything Changed”
Zero Hedge | 22 December 2018

Latest Solari Donation
Dr. Gonzalez was on the brink of breaking through…
Gonzalez Protocol | 15 December 2018

If We Win, You Won’t Hear About It
Strong Towns | 05 December 2018

Legal Technicians Step In To Fight Justice Gap
Law360 | 18 November 2018

Heaven On Earth. Neighborhood Parliaments in India: The two solutions to powerlessness and selfishness are: smallification and neighborhoodization

Heaven On Earth. Neighborhood Parliaments in India

Heaven On Earth. Neighborhood Parliaments in India

Sociocracy For All | 24 December 2017

[Re]Verse Pitch Competition: An Event Series in Austin, Texas for Social Entrepreneurs Where We Pitch To You
Reverse Pitch | November 2018
Do you want to launch a challenge? Create Change
HeroX | November 2018
Identify a challenge, define the problem and sponsor the prize to solve the problem.

The Most Unexpected Acoustic Guitar Performance | The Showhawk Duo | TEDx Klagenfurt
Music works a lot like language does – except instead of words and ideas, it expresses emotions and intent. It also gives us an oxytocin boost, which plays an important role in increasing bonding and trust between people.

The Most Unexpected Acoustic Guitar Performance | The Showhawk Duo  | TEDxKlagenfurt

The Most Unexpected Acoustic Guitar Performance | The Showhawk Duo | TEDxKlagenfurt

Ted Talks | 25 July 2018

Organize your first TEDx event
TED | 2018

12 Agrihoods Taking Farm-to-table Living Mainstream
Shareable | 14 May 2014

The Certificate in Indigenous Cultural Awareness
Parliament of Religions | 2018

Bug-out bag: kit that normally contains the items one would require to survive for 72 hours
Wikipedia | October 2018

Can the Dutch Strategy for Cycling Work in North America?
Strong Towns | 25 October 2018

A Free Market for Parking
Strong Towns | 22 October 2018

Can You Have Revitalization Without Gentrification? Derek Avery Thinks So
Strong Towns | 22 October 2018

Hilton Hotels’ Efficiency Tradeoff
Strong Towns | 15 October 2018

Announcing a Special Celebrity Edition of “Ask Strong Towns” with Jeff Speck,
Join Jeff Speck and Strong Towns President, Chuck Marohn, on Friday, November 9 at 12:00pm CT for a “celebrity edition” of our monthly Ask Strong Towns webcast

Strong Towns | 17 October 2018
Jeff Speck is a nationally-recognized expert on building walk-friendly, people-oriented places.

Sheffield Tree Action Groups
Save Sheffield Trees | 13 October 2018
2016: The chainsaw massacre! Council fells 3,000 trees in England’s greenest city in a bid to save money… but residents fear thousands more are at risk
Daily Mail | 02 February 2016

64.6 Brings a Community Together in Revitalized Downtown Fort Smith
Strong Towns | 10 October 2018

Part 1: How to Build a Wood-Fired Cob Oven
Tyrant Farms | 16 October 2016

Wide Streets as a Tool of Oppression
Strong Towns| 08 October 2018

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