Global Bioengineering: A History of Blood Clotting with Clifford Carnicom

A Short Preview:

We really shouldn’t be [alive] with the lack of oxygen, all the toxic metals coming in,
and the poisonous food, and yet here we are. So there is a miracle, and there’s something beyond what we can see or touch that is supporting us,
for which we have to be deeply grateful.”
~ Dr. Gwen Scott

Increasingly, global spraying or “geoengineering” is becoming a topic of open discussion, with pictures of sprayed skies trending on social media and states like Tennessee, Minnesota, and New Hampshire passing or introducing bills to ban the spraying operations in their states. However, while many people and politicians are only now asking questions about what is in our skies, this week’s guest, independent researcher Clifford Carnicom, began asking those questions over 25 years ago.

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