Geopolitical – Week of 11.12.17

Rep. Mike Kelly Confronts IRS Commissioner on “Extortion” of Small Businesses

You Tube | 26 May 2016
Great IRS Roasting…

Anatomy of a purge: MBS’s actions, Saudi Arabia’s crisis, and its coming collapse
The Duran | 12 November 2017
Saudi Coup Details…

The Saudi-Iran Brewing War
Martin Armstrong | 12 November 2017

The Next Domino…

Mueller team won battle to force testimony from lawyer for Manafort and Gates
Politico | 30 October 2017

Alternative Motives Revealed….

Swiss Gun Ownership – The REAL Story

You Tube | 11 July 2017
Highly Regulated Firearm Ownership….

The Crimes Americans Worry About Most
Zero Hedge | 12 November 2017

Beware the Cyber Crime Boogeyman…