Geopolitical – Week of 11.05.17

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You Tube | 06 November 2017
Don’t You Miss the November 12th Show!!!

Breaking: FBI Whistleblower Exposes Special Counsel Mueller’s Conflict of Interest!

You Tube | 24 October 2017
More on Mueller’s Hit Job on Gen. Flynn..

EXCLUSIVE: FBI Whistleblower Exposes Mueller’s Crimes
Info Wars | 09 November 2017
The Hit Job on Gen. Flynn…

INew York Times Fires David Boies Over The Whole ‘Grave Betrayal’ Thing
The Medium | 08 November 2017

Latest Solari $50.00 Donation
Sutherland Springs First Baptist Church
An Invitation to Donate to the Victims…

EXCLUSIVE: Texas Massacre Hero, Stephen Willeford, Describes Stopping Gunman | Louder With Crowder

You Tube | 06 November 2017
Willeford Circumventing MSM…

Stephen Willeford: NRA Member and Texas Hero

You Tube | 06 November 2017
A Rifle in the Right Hands…

Stinchfield | Stephen Willeford: CNN Got it All Wrong – 11/8/17

You Tube | 08 November 2017
MSM Sticking to the Script….

Texas church shooting survivor watched gunman shoot woman next to her
CBS News | 07 November 2017

A Survivors Tale…

Good Guy with a Gun: Stephen Willeford Named as Man Who Stopped Texas Shooter
Breitbart | 06 November 2017

Texans Come to the Rescue…

The Texas Church Shooting Was Eerily Foreshadowed in Mass Media
Vigilant Citizen | 07 November 2017

Eerie Similarities…

Worst mass shooting in Texas History claims 26 at a church near San Antonio
My San Antonio | 06 November 2017

Church Shooting Aftermath…

Latest Solari $50.00 Donation
Gun Owners of America
Excellent Gun Rights Group…

There’s No Such Thing As An “American” Homicide Rate
Zero Hedge | 06 November 2017

Location, location, location…

Knife-Related Crime Skyrockets in London as Police Struggle for a Solution
Guns America | 03 November 2017

Statistically, Knife Wounds are Much more Lethal than Bullet Wounds…

Chicago Approaching its 600th Homicide for the Year
Truth Revolt | 07 November 2017

The Off the Chart Carnage in Chicago Continues…

The Men Who Killed Kennedy The Truth Will Make You Free

You Tube | 05 November 2015
Fifty Four Years and Counting…

Richie From Boston Channel Shut Down
You Tube | 05 November 2017
The Cone of Censorship is Expanding….

BREAKING!!Julian Assange JUST EXPOSED Adam Schiff AGAINST PRESIDENT Trump In an Exclusive Interview
You Tube | 06 November 2017
Amy Goodman Sinks Lower with the Ever Informative Julian Assange

Trump’s Pivot to Asia – An Arms Sales Bonanza – An Anti-Peace Trip
The Saker | 10 November 2017

MIC Sales Rep…

America’s cruel way to punish poor debtors: take away their driver’s license
The Guardian | 10 November 2017

Have Debt? Lose License….

Trump, Xi Push Opposing Views on Trade
WSJ | 09 November 2017

Winds of Trade Change….

What Russian TV is saying about Thierry Meyssan’s book
Voltaire Net | 11 November 2017

Deep State Recent History…

‘McCarthyism on steroids’: US war on Russian media won’t stop with branding RT foreign agent
RT | 10 November 2017
Cold War II OCD…

Putin: US wants to disrupt upcoming Russian presidential election
RT | 09 November 2017

A More Believable Scenario….

Debunking two American myths
The Saker | 10 November 2017

Holes in the US War Game…

‘Vacuum & isolation’: Russia may restrict access to CNN in reply to US sanctions, says senator
RT | 09 November 2017
CNN for RT…

Russia will implement retaliatory measures over US actions against RT next week
RT | 09 November 2017
Sanction Tit for Tat….

US imposes sanctions against 10 Venezuelan officials over election
RT | 09 November 2017

More Sanctions…

‘Zero evidence’ that Russia hacked DNC, says NSA whistleblower (VIDEO)
RT | 09 November 2017

Wm. Binney Hits One out of the Park Instant Replay..

CIA Director Met With NSA Whistleblower Who Disputes Russia’s Role In DNC Hack
Zero Hedge | 07 November 2017

Wm. Binney Hits One out of the Park

Donna Brazile Dedicates Book To “Patriot” Seth Rich
The seven Republican super-donors who keep money in tax havens
The Guardian UK | 07 November 2017

PTB Tax Havens…

House Judiciary Committee Forced Into Difficult Compromise On Surveillance Reform
EFF | 09 November 2017

Compromising with Big Brother…

22 indicted in ‘significant’ Brentwood human trafficking sting
Tennessean | 09 November 2017

TBI Makes Big Hit…

Schools Installing Cameras In High School Bathrooms; Parents Outraged Over Disgusting Privacy Violation
Activist Post | 07 November 2017

Trading Privacy for Security less than Zero…..

How it became a crime to be poor in America
The Guardian | 06 November 2017
Putting the Squeeze on the Bottom Wrung..

For The First Time In 13 Years, U.S. Deploys 7 Aircraft Carriers Simultaneously
Zero Hedge | 06 November 2017

Serious Show of Force…

Rand Paul recovering from 5 broken ribs after attack at Kentucky home
Fox News | 06 November 2017

Wow, Five Ribs???

Harvey Weinstein lawyer David Boies’s quiet career squashing stories for the powerful
Quartz | 07 November 2017

Keeping the Lid On for the Top Echelon…

Four Viral Claims Spread by Journalists on Twitter in the Last Week Alone That Are False
The Intercept | 05 November 2017

More MSM Malfunctions…

News and Views from the Nefarium Nov 09 2017

JP Farrell | 09 November 2017
Saudi Purge, Connecting the Dots….

The End of “The End of History” – U.S. Mid-East Policy’s Fork in the Road
Tom Luongo | 10 November 2017

Saudi Purge, by the Numbers…

7.2 magnitude earthquake, kills at least 2 in Iran
Fox News | 10 November 2017

Natural or Man Made???

Saudi Arabia orders its citizens out of Lebanon
CBS News | 09 November 2017

Changes and Escalations???

What Is Happening In Saudi Arabia? – Marwa Osman on The Corbett Report

Corbett Report | 09 November 2017
Saudi Purge Blow by Blow…

Real Motive Behind Saudi Purge Emerges: $800 Billion In Confiscated Assets
Zero Hedge | 08 November 2017

Saudi Purge is Right…

Saudi Gets First Real Government
Asian Times | 07 November 2017

Wait and See…

Blaming Iran, Saudi says Huthi strike may be ‘act of war’
Yahoo News | 06 November 2017

A War to Divert Internal Strife??

In Shocking Purge, Saudi King Arrests Billionaire Prince Bin Talal, Dozens Of Others In Cabinet Crackdown
Zero Hedge | 05 November 2017

Game of Thrones in Saudi….

1,000 Clinton-Petraeus emails missing from records sent to State, FBI files show
Fox News | 22 October 2017
Would You Believe More Missing Emails???

Several of Top Saudi Officials Arrested Over Weekend Are Linked to Podesta Group
The Gateway Pundit | 06 November 2017

Podesta Saudi Link…

Democratic powerhouse Tony Podesta struck it rich with Oakland schools
SF Chronicle | 06 November 2017

Lobbying Charges Questioned…

Rumors Swirl About Mueller Probe After 34 Sealed Cases Filed in D.C. Federal Court
Law Newz | 09 November 2017

34 Sealed Cases!!!

Mueller probe draws in Tony Podesta, Vin Weber: AP
CBS News | 03 November 2017
Mueller’s Net Expands..

Mueller Has Enough Evidence to Bring Charges in Flynn Investigation

NBC News | 05 November 2017

Mueller’s Focus…

Nurse, 26, upsets longtime mayor with ‘grandkids older than she is’
Undernews | 09 November 2017

Irish Political Shake Ups Cont’d…

US imposes sanctions against 10 Venezuelan officials over election
RT | 09 November 2017

More Screws on Venezuela…