Geopolitical – Week of 09.10.17

symbol of geopolitics the world globe with chess pieces

Poland Demands $1 Trillion from Germany for WW2 Reparations
Need to Know | 16 September 2017
Attempts to force…

Former US President Jimmy Carter says he knows what North Korea wants
The Duran | 15 September 2017
Respect for NK Regime…

Trump Tower Meeting & Half Truths – Another Untold Story
Martin Armstrong | 15 September 2017

The Untold Story…

North Korea Is Dodging Sanctions With a Secret Bitcoin Stash
Bloomberg | 15 September 2017
State Sponsored Hackers Gone Wild…

The Space Race Is Now “Privatized” — But You’re Still Paying for It
Market Conservative | 15 September 2017
More Corporate Welfare…

High Ranking CIA Agent Blows Whistle On The Deep State And Shadow Government
Activist Post | 15 September 2017
Whistle Blowers, a Continuing Growing Trend…

Geopolitics drives Turkey’s acquisition of Russian missile defense
Asian Times | 15 September 2017
Turkish Arms Purchases from Russia??

How China’s economy could turn radioactive
Asian Times | 15 September 2017
Who’s Side is NK on???

Balance of Power: Mueller Unfriends Facebook as Probe Zeroes In
Bloomberg | 14 September 2017
Mueller’s Fishing Expedition Continues…

FBI Paid $100K+ For Concocted Trump Dossier During Election; John McCain Helped Broker Classified Deal With Comey
True Pundit | 14 September 2017
More Single Party Evidence..

WADA DOPES clear 95 Russian athletes they earlier accused of using drugs
Russia Feed | 14 September 2017
More Low Level Hostilities…

Parking spaces for US consulate staff in Russia removed – State Dept
RT| 14 September 2017
Tit for Tat…

Former CIA Director Resigns From Harvard After Chelsea Manning Named Visiting Fellow
Zero Hedge | 14 September 2017
CIA vs Manning..

For first time in 300 years, there’s not a single living person on the island of Barbuda
USA Today | 14 September 2017
Barduda, Total Loss…

U.N. calls for global economic makeover to replace neo-liberalism
Reuters | 14 September 2017
Holes in the Lifeboat…

Mainstream Media Defends Amazon Deleting Nearly All Negative Reviews of Hillary Clinton’s Book
Free Thought Project | 14 September 2017
What else is New???

The Case of a Brain-Damaging ‘Sonic Weapon’ in Cuba Is Only Getting Stranger and Scarier
Gizmodo | 14 September 2017
Science Fiction Goes Main Stream…

Rand Paul’s Amendment to Force a Vote on Endless War Gets Kicked Down the Road..
The Intercept | 13 September 2017
Chicken Hawks Prevail for the Moment…

At Least 11 Mayors Accused Of Child Sex-Related Crimes Since 2016 Photo of Peter Hasson
Daily Caller | 13 September 2017
Read it and Weep..

Why did one of the US Navy’s most advanced subs return to port with a pirate flag?
Stripes | 13 September 2018

Bombshell Report Catches Pentagon Falsifying Paperwork For Weapons Transfers To Syrian Rebels
Zero Hedge | 13 September 2017
Supplying our Allies???

Retired US Air Force Lieut Col. Karen Kwiatkowski on Alleged US Rescue of ISIS Field Commanders: ‘We Are Rescuing Our Allies’
SOTT | 09 September 2017
Rescuing our Allies???

US Threatens To Cut Off China From SWIFT If It Violates North Korea Sanctions
Zero Hedge | 13 September 2017
More Far East Sabre Rattling…

After 2016 Election Hacks, Some States Return to Paper Ballots
Governing | 12 September 2017
Paper Trail..Good!

Rand Paul Takes A Stand Against Unconstitutional War
Zero Hedge | 12 September 2017
Abused for 16…

James McCanney, Weather Control, Must Watch! Alex Jones
Info Wars | 12 September 2017
Wx War Ramifications…

College Park Gives non-Citizens the Right to Vote in Local Elections
Fox 5 | 12 September 2017
Border Erosion Continues..

911 Boat Lift
Big Geek Daddy | 11 September 2017
NYC Navy shows it’s Stuff..

Authorities: Gold miners at a bar bragged about slaughtering members of a reclusive Brazilian tribe
Washington Post | 11 September 2017
Published on an Appropriate Date…

Hurricane Irma as a Symbol for America
Jon Rappoport | 10 September 2017
Purpose is to make people…

The Science Behind the Collapse of the Three World Trade Center Towers on 9/11
Progressive Spirit | 09 September 2017
Scientists who refuse to be bullied and who present…