Geopolitical – Week of 06.11.17

symbol of geopolitics the world globe with chess pieces

Fighting Human Trafficking

YouTube | 25 May 2017
Yet Another Amazing Coincidence….

The Virginia Shooting is Tied to Sex Trafficking
The Hagmann Report | 16 June 2017
The War on Pedophilia Goes Hot…

Donald Trump has Talked Big about his Military Build Up
Economist | 15 June 2017

Loaned Wolf Shoots Congressman Scalise!
Steve Pieczenik | 15 June 2017
More Amazing Coincidences…

Statement by Minister Wilson-Raybould on Passage of Bill C-16 in Senate and Moving One Step Closer to Ending Discrimination Based in Gender Identity or Expression
CA DOJ | 15 June 2017
South Park Episode to follow…

3 Attorneys Found Dead In Wasserman Schultz Florida District In 2 Weeks
Out of Mind | 14 June 2017
Sudden Violent Death Syndrome (SVD)….

It Doesn’t Take a Russian to Hack an American Election
Reader Supported News | 17 June 2017
Digital Back Doors Are Everywhere…

Bill Cosby Rape Case Ends In Mistrial; D.A. Says “Will Retry” – Update
Deadline | 17 June 2017
To be Continued…

59% Of Brits Agree With Marxist Corbyn: Empty Luxury London Flats Should Be Used To House Homeless
Zero Hedge | 17 June 2017
Utilization of Vacant Space…

Republicans Go On Offensive Against Mueller; Call For ‘Special Counsel’ To Investigate AG Lynch
Zero Hedge | 16 June 2017
Investigating the Investigators….

Freeway Blocked as 1,000s Protest Acquital of Officer Who Shot, Killed Philando Castile
RT | 17 June 2017
More Civil Unrest…

There Will be Blood: The Alexandria Shooting and Civil War in America
Ron Paul Institute | 15 June 2017
Engineered Civil War II….

Ron Paul Talks about American Power Structure, FED, Trilateral Commission and CFR (August 1988)

YouTube | August 1988
The Roots of Engineered Civil War II

Nearly 200 Democrats Sue Donald Trump Citing Emoluments Clause Violation
Truth Revolt | 15 June 2017
The Kitchen Sink….

7 Missing, at least 3 Injured as US Navy Destroyer Crashes into Trade Ship off Japan Coast
RT | 16 June 2017
Critical Info Missing…

Even Switzerland has Gone Stalinistic
Martin Armstrong | 17 June 2017
Paranoia Strikes Deep…

The Putin Interviews – Part 1 (English Subtitles)
YouTube | 13 June 2017
Stone does it Again…

Palantir goes from Pentagon outsider to Mattis’ inner circle
Politico | 11 June 2018
Several people with close ties to…

The Putin Interviews Part 2 English Subtitles
YouTube | June 2017
And Again…

The Putin Interviews Part 3 English Subtitles
YouTube | 15 June 2017
And Again..

The Putin Interviews Part 4
YouTube | 15 June 2017
And Again..

Third London Inferno Breaks Out Days After Grenfell Tower Disaster
Info Wars | 16 June 2017
Engineered Clash of Civilizations…

APNewsBreak: About 4,000 More US Troops to go to Afghanistan
AP News | 16 June 2017
Same Old, Same Old…

Politics in Israel No Longer Offers Much of a Choice
The Economist| 20 May 2017
The Radicalization of Judaism….

The Brussels Business – Who Runs the EU ?

YouTube | 00 June 2017
Zero EU Transparency…

Comey Could Face 35 Years in Jail for Leaking Talks with Trump
Information Agency News Front | 13 June 2017
Comey Faces Possible Jail Time…

Putin Offers Asylum To “Leaker” Comey
Zero Hedge | 15 June 2017
Should know about…

EVERYTHING You NEED to Know about Comey and his History, by /pol/ Anon —> Folks, Get in Here, this is MASSIVE
Reddit | 11 June 2017
Comey Historical Perspective…

Pence Hires his Own Lawyer for Russia Probes
Reuters | 15 June 2017
Long ties to…

Qatar Buys F-15 Fighter Planes in Billion-dollar US Deal
BBC | 15 June 2017
Role in the US-led…

6/14/17 William Binney(NSA) A Good American- pt-5
YouTube | 14 June 2017
Alex Jones Infowars …Powerful film…

Senate Passes Russia Sanctions Package
Fox News | 14 June 2017
Tillerson urged Congress to…

EXCLUSIVE: DOJ Brass Says Comey Struck Insider Immunity Deal With Mueller To Avoid Criminal Charges
True Pundit | 13 June 2017
Crack in the Dyke Event…

Abby Martin: World Ignores Opposition Violence at Venezuela Protests

YouTube | 10 June 2017
Opposition Violence…

President Trump Delivers Remarks at The Department of Transportation

YouTube | 09 June 2017
Streamlining Permitting..

Bernie Sanders War on Devout Christianity Doesn’t Pass Constitutional Smell Test.
The Hill | 13 June 2017
Religious Exclusions are now in Fashion…

Mattis ‘Shocked’ by US Military Readiness
Space War | 13 June 2017
What a Decade and a Half of War Brings…

‘He’s Weighing that Option: Trump Associate Suggest Trump May Fire Special Counsel Overseeing the Russian Investigation
Business Insider | 13 June 2017
More Political Drama…

Trump Cheerleaders Turn on Special Counsel Mueller
Bloomberg | 12 June 2017
Political Drama…

Texas AG Accuses Lower Courts of Hypocrisy on Trump’s Travel Ban
Freebeacon | 12 June 2017
Travel Ban Realities…

Hillary Clinton, Jeff Sessions and America’s Secret Slave System
The Root | 12 June 2017
Same Institution, Different Name..

A Brawl Over FISA is Coming
National Review | 15 April 2017
Secret Court Fall Out…

G. Edward Griffin’s Essential News & Analysis
GE Griffith | 12 June 2017
Latest Greatest GEG…

Maryland, District of Columbia Sue over Payments to Trump Hotels
Reuters | 12 June 2017
Litigation w/ Political Ends…

Jurors in Sexual-Assault Trial of Bill Cosby Begin Deliberations
Washington Post | 12 June 2017
Super Swift Deliberation..

Puerto Rico Votes to Become 51st State
The Journal | 12 June 2017
Interesting Political Implications..

Dem: We Need to Investigate Whether Lynch Gave Cover to Clinton Campaign..
The Hill | 11 June 2017
Dems Breaking Ranks??..

Van Jones, Hillary Clinton and the Disastrous Democratic Blame Game
News Week | 11 June 2017
Political Fiscal Fail…

SEC Statute of Limitations Applies to Disgorgement
Martin Armstrong | 11 June 2017
SEC Takes one on the Nose…