Geopolitical – Week of 05.07.17

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Catherine Austin Fitts-They’re Trying to Centralize Control
YouTube | 09 May 2017
Latest Greatest CAF Interview…

Who Was Behind the Firing of FBI Director James Comey? What Political Interests are Being Served? Who is Andrew McCabe?
Global Research | 13 May 2017
Fire Comey did not emanate from…

Steve Pieczenik – Alex Jones Infowars
YouTube | 12 May 2017

VA Whistleblowers: Retaliation is Getting Worse, Not Better
Washington Examiner | 12 May 2017
New physicians will not…

Movie: Unacknowledged: An Expose of the Worlds Greatest Secret
Trailers Apple | 12 May 2017
Disclosure Project and how UFO…

McCabe Crushes ‘Trump Interference’ Narrative: “There Has Been No Effort To Impede Our Investigation”
Zero Hedge | 11 May 2017
Succinct answer on alleged…

Are You Ready to Die?
Paul Craig Roberts | 11 May 2017
First strike on…

Russian FM Lavrov Comments Sarcastically On James Comey Firing At Rex Tillerson Photo Op | NBC News

YouTube | 10 May 2017
Serious Issues..

Bangladesh prime minister says Clinton Personally Pressured Her to Help Foundation Donor
Circa | 11 May 2017
Clinton made a personal call to…

“Are You Glad He Got Fired Or Not??” Tucker Debates James Comey Firing
Fox News | 09 May 2017
Comey Over Reach Perpective…

The Losing Warfare State
Common Dreams | 11 May 2017
Successfully resisting a huge…

Kingpin of International Pedophilia Network Sentenced, 900 Additional Suspects Arrested
CS Globe | 11 May 2017
FBI Dark Web Involvement Allegations…

The History of the Neocon Takeover of the USA (a 4 Part Analysis)
The Saker | 10 May 2017
Shadow Government Takeover…

Tommy Robinson: Out on Bail — But It’s Not Over Yet

YouTube | 10 May 2017
UK Police State Consequences…

Tommy Robinson’s BANNED speech: “The British Police State”Rebel Media

YouTube | 10 May 2017
UK Police State Double Standard…

Drone Images Expose Major US, Jordan Military Build-up On Syrian Border
Zero Hedge | 10 May 2017
The Logistics of WWIII…

‘Work for WikiLeaks’: Assange Offers Comey Job as Snowden Condemns White House
RT | 10 May 2017
Assange has a Sense of Humor…

Can A Federal Judge Hold You Till You Die in a Civil Court Case?
Armstrong Economics | 10 May 2017
Told me if I wanted to go to trial…

In Pictures: Syrian Drones Spot Hundreds of US, Jordanian Armored Vehicles at the Border
Almasdar News | 09 May 2017
In response to the looming…

What’s Really Going on Between Goldman Sachs and the Federal Government?
Anonymous Warns World to ‘Prepare’ for World War 3

NY Post | 09 May 2017
Goldman, Arm of Federal Government…

Lavrov Scoffs At America’s “Humiliating Situation”
Zero Hedge | 10 May 2017
Serious Discussions About Real Issues….

Obama Pockets $3.2 Million For Speaking Gig In Milan
Zero Hedge | 10 May 2017
PTB Pay Off…

Rumored US troop increase in Afghanistan draws praise, worry on Capitol Hill
Military Times | 09 May 2017
New plan would…

Obama Uses Private Jet, 14 Car Convoy to Get to European Climate Change Speech
Independent Journal Review | 09 May 2017
The Carbon Privileged…

Federal Judge Declares Constitution Void, Threatens Civil Defendant With Death
Zero Hedge | 07 May 2017
The Constitution is Naught but, a Romantic Notion…….

Gingrich on Comey’s Firing: Trump had No Choice

Fox News | 09 May 2017
Comey Fall Out…

Trump fires FBI Director Comey, Setting Off U.S. Political Storm
Reuters | 10 May 2017
Shreik-O-Meter turned up to 11….

Hannity on Fox News Today May 8, 2017
Fox News | 08 May 2017
Water Gate II…

The Deep State and the Donald | David Stockman

YouTube | April 12 2017
Deep State Finances Chronicled…

Full Pennsylvania focus group: May 7

YouTube |08 May 2017
Regrets on Getting Caught…

Trump Hires Law Firm to Fight Suggestions of Russia Business Ties
NBC News | 09 May 2017
Trump Lawyers Up…

Trump to Meet top Russian Diplomat at the White House
AP News | 09 May 2017
Avoiding WWIII??..

Obama Sees New Front in Climate Change Battle: Agriculture
NYT | 09 May 2017
Carbon Credit Futures Defense…

Harvard Endowment Liquidating $2.5 BIllion In Assets
Zero Hedge | 08 May 2017
Very Interesting Implications…

Jimmy Carter Reveals He Voted for Bernie Sanders in Democratic Primary
Daily Beast | 08 May 2017
President Carter Voted for Change…

Trump Set To Nominate A Slate Of 10 New Federal Court Judges
Zero Hedge | 08 May 2017
Conservatives for Judiciary…

Infowars Nightly News LIVE! Investigate Yates & Clapper
Info Wars | 08 May 2017
The Witch Hunt Continues, Live….

Yates / Clapper Hearing: Flynn In Deep Trouble But Still “No Evidence” Of Trump Collusion With Russia
Zero Hedge | 08 May 2017
The Witch Hunt Continues…

Congressional Expert: North Korea Prepping EMP Catastrophe Aimed At U.S. Homefront
Breitbart | 08 May 2017
NK Operating Way Out of Tech Weight Class…

McCain Slams Tillerson Over Prioritizing US Interests Instead of Values
Sputnik News | 08 May 2017
War First, Last and Always…

Vladimir Putin Sends Three Russian Warships into NATO Waters after US Vessel Arrives in Baltic Sea
Mirror UK | 08 May 2017
More Cold War 2.0

North Korea Vows Vevenge After Alleged CIA Plot to Kill Kim Jong-Un with ‘Biochemical Weapons’
Independent UK | 08 May 2017
Cold War 2.0

US National Security Adviser, Venezuela Opposition Leader Discuss Venezuelan
Press TV | 07 May 2017
More Nation Building…

(Mis)construing China’s Threat to the South China Sea
Asia Times | 07 May 2017
Questioning the…

The Government Wants Julian Assange in Jail. That Could Hurt the Rest of Us.
Washington Post | 07 May 2017
Big Brother Extends His Power….

Gergen: DOL Doomed, 45-Year DC Veteran Tells Advisors at Envestnet Summit
The Trust Advisor | 07 May 2017
Draw Down Starts…

Macron Elected French President: Estimates
Yahoo | 07 May 2017
Mr. Global Wins in France…

The World’s Most Valuable Resource is no Longer Oil, but Data
The Economist | 08 May 2017
The Engine of Control has Changed….

Columnist Who Defended NRA Quits After Being Suspended
NYP | 06 May 2017
2nd Amendment Defense Consequences…

Tulsi speaks to Tucker Carlson on Fox about Syria

YouTube | 08 April 2017
Anti MIC Regime Change Politics… Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act
USA Spening | 12 May 2017
Required that federal contract, grant, loan, and