Food & Health – Week of 11.27.16

First Human Injected With Controversial Genetically Modified Genes
Infowars | 02 December 2016

Dr. Mercola Interviews Dr. Huber about GMOs

YouTube | 03 October 2013
Food and Health safety issue…(2013)

Dallas Officials Offer $3M To Open Grocery Store In ‘Food Desert,’ But Found No Takers
Fox News | 01 December 2016
H-E-B, the San Antonio-based…

Death Toll From Freak ‘Thunderstorm Asthma’ Rises in Australia, up to 8,500 People Hospitalized
RT | 27 November 2016

Dopamine and Opioid Neurotransmission in Behavioral Addictions:
A Comparative PET Study in Pathological Gambling and Binge Eating

NCBI | 24 November 2016
Region involved in reward…

The Latest Gimick: Transmissible Vaccines
Giza Death Star | 22 November 2016

Moms Speak Out on GMOs

YouTube | 22 November 2016
We have to flip the…

How LED Lighting May Compromise Your Health
Mercola | 23 October 2016
Shares the hidden dangers…

Why We Didn’t Vaccinate Baby Noor
Farhad Mohit | 22 April 2013
From 2013…CDC data…

Family Farms Navigate Risk in the New Economy
Bloomberg | 21 November 2016
Cattle and hog prices have…

U.S. Court of Appeals Says Local Governments Can Prohibit GE Crops
Center For Food Safety | 18 November 2016
Court also ruled that…