Food & Health – Week of 10.22.17

Helping that Vaccine Along…Electronically
JP Farrell | 31 October 2017
Pulsed Electronic Fields at Work..

How Big Medicine Can Ruin Medicare for All
Washington Monthly |  October 2017
There are No Polite Terms for this…

Glyphosate to be banned across Europe? Massive war raging, and poison pushing Monsanto is playing dirty –
Peter Degedo | 31 October 2017

MonSatano Fights Back…

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity: Why Is It On The Increase?
Activist Post | 28 October 2017
Electro Magnetic Complaints increasing…

Amazon Threat Causes Shakeout in the Health-Care Industry
Bloomberg | 27 October 2017
More Monopoly Malfunctions…

Non-Thermal Electromagnetic Radiation Damage to Lens Epithelium
National Library of Medicine | 21 May 2008

Take Appropriate Counter Measures…

The United States Of Toxins
Zero Hedge | 25  October 2017
Toxic is as Toxic Does..

Madagascar Plagued with Bubonic Outbreak
The Bottom Line | 26 October 2017

67 Dead…

States Where Obamacare Premiums Are Increasing the Most
Governing | 25  October 2017
25% Premium Increases Not Unusual…

Six Middle Eastern Countries Ban Glyphosate Herbicides over ‘Probable Carcinogen’ Fears
Sustainable Pulse | 13  October 2017

Monsatano Loses More Ground…

The Supermarket of The Future

The Supermarket of The Future

The Supermarket of The Future

YouTube | 13 September 2013

Food Shopping with the IOT…

In-store Innovation at Tesco
YouTube | 16 August 2012
Innovation or Control??

CRISPR Bacon: Chinese Scientists Create Genetically Modified Low-Fat Pigs
NPR | 23  October 2017
Franken Bacon is Here!!

Large Grocers in San Francisco Must Report on Meat, Poultry Antibiotic Use
Progressive Grocer | 09 October 2017
Antibiotic Labeling / Medical history of Meat..