Food & Health – Week of 09.10.17

Whole Foods adding plant-based tuna sub to sushi bar
Super Market News | 14 September 2017

Cost Cutting or Fukushima Contamination???

Tools and Resources for Small Farms…Featuring Paper Pot Transplanting Systems
Small Farm Works | 14 September 2017
Small Farm Hacks…

How Many Drug Scripts do Doctors Write a Year?
Jon Rappoport | 13 September 2017
Scary Numbers…

Farming Success: Salatin’s Top 10 Markers
Eco Farming Daily | 13 September 2017
Eco Farming HowTos….

Florida Farmers Say Irma’s Damage Is The Worst They’ve Ever Seen
Activist Post | 13 September 2017
Irma’s Legacy of Destruction…

The Hacking of the American Mind with Dr. Robert Lustig

YouTube | September 2017
(skip his Hilary email mention) Food…

Study Finds Those Getting Flu Shots have Higher Chance of Alzheimer’s
Free Servers | September 1997
Not effective most…

HPV Vaccine: Joan Shenton—“Sacrificial Virgins”

YouTube | 10 September 2017
Part 1 just posted of 3 videos…

GMO Free: Russia to Become Top Producer of Organic Food
Axis of Logic | 08 September 2017
Or we can follow the Western example of…

Feds Award Millions For Autism Research
Disability Scoop | 08 September 2017
Aimed at…

Anti-vax Melbourne GP John Piesse Agrees to Stop Practising as a Doctor
The Age | 31 August 2017
Subject to regulatory action…