Food & Health – Week of 07.16.17

Yemen Cholera to Spread with Rains; Oxfam Sees 600,000 Cases
Reuters | 21 July 2017
Far from being controlled and…

Jana banks $300M in Whole Foods Flip
Supermarket News | 20 July 2017
8.3% ownership…

Meal Kit Market Delivers Sales of $5 Billion–and Disrupts Industry
Biz Journals | 17 July 2017
Meal kit delivery services sector…

Obamacare Death Spiral? As the Bill for Misleading Rhetoric Comes Due, It’s Time to Reset the Discussions
Bob Sullivan | 19 July 2017
Counties at risk on U.S. map…

The Future of Clean Meat Continues to Grow
Meat Poultry | 19 July 2017
75 percent of new diseases…

Atypical BSE Found in Alabama Cow
Meat Poultry | 18 July 2017
Did not enter the food chain…

Judge Dismisses Suit Against General Mills Over ‘Natural’ Oats Label in Granola Bars
Star Tribune | 17 July 2017

Paul: McConnell Doesn’t Have the Votes, Insurance Companies ‘Gamed the System’
Lifezette | 16 July 2017

Poll: Public Opposition to Senate Health Bill Increases
The Hill | 14 July 2017
An increase from…

France Attempts Forced Vaccination on Unwilling Population by Jefferey Jaxen
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Green Med Info | 14 July 2017
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Farm Crisis Resource Center
Farm Crisis | 17 July 2017
50 percent decline in net farm income since…

Nevada Sold Out of Legal Marijuana so Quickly, the Government Used a ‘Statement of Emergency’ to Bring in more Weed
Business Insider | 13 July 2017
Statement of emergency allows…

Two States Ban Dicamba Weed Killer after Drift Complaints
Reuters | 07 July 2017
Arkansas and Missouri…