Food & Health – Week of 04.16.17

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Senate: Stand with Poultry Farmers, Not Greedy Corporations
Change.Org | 22 April 2017
Farm as collateral…

After The Crash, Part 2: Digital And Regenerative Medicine
Dollar Collapse | 21 April 2017
Start-ups are..

85% of All Food in U.S. Now Contaminated: Toxic Pesticides Also Found in Drinking Water
Health Impact News | 21 April 2017
Pollution Countermeasures are a Must…

Farmers’ Beef With Trump Over ‘Big Meat’
Bloomberg | 21 April 2017
BigMeat.Inc thwarts Anti Trust…

Graham Downing “Through Vaccines & Statins Big Pharma Is Engaged In All Out Assault On Our Health!”
YouTube | February 2017
More Main Stream Health Threats…

Did Chinese Scientists Find Autism’s Missing Puzzle Piece?
Health Care in America | 22 February 2017
Other Shoe Drops…

Edible Madison
Edible Madison | 19 April 2017
Local Food Reference and Stories…

Natural Immunization, Homeoprophylaxis & Fundamental Freedom of Choice
The Truth About Vaccines| 18 April 2017
More Revelations…

Local: Five Inspiring Entrepreneurs Focused on Sustainability
AustinOT | 18 October 2017
Abandoning traditional…

Local: La Flaca Urban Gardens
La Flacaa TX | 19 April 2017
Urban farmers passionate about…

Local: These Sustainable Startups Are Cultivating a Greener, Cleaner
Free Enterprise | 05 January 2017
Social and environmental conscience that…

Local: The Farm Stand
Whitelock Farm | 17 April 2017
Visit a local farm stand or farmer’s market…

Vaccine Series Continues: Seven Episodes
Truth About Vaccines | 16 April 2017
Fomenting fear and irrationality over suspected exposure to measles…