Food & Health – Week of 03.05.17

Fixing Healthcare: Which Single-payer System would be Best for California?
LA Times | 2017
Morally wrong and stupid…

House GOP Pushes Bill Letting Companies Force Workers to Undergo Genetic Testing
Daily Kos | 10 March 2017
“Freedom” like being forced…

Sanders: GOP Health Care Plan Gives Wealthiest a $275 Billion Tax Break
Politifact | 09 March 2017
Sanders put a different spin…

Paul Ryan’s Entire Health Care Bill PowerPoint
CNN| 09 March 2017

YouTube | 09 March 2017

Everything You Need to Know about the New GOP Health Care Bill
PBS | 07 March 2017
Out the penalties…

Donald Jr. and Vanessa Trump Raise Autism Awareness and Talk Trump in 2012

Fox News | 11 April 2011
Trumps on Autism Awareness…

Introducing the American Health Care Act
House of Reps | 08 March 2017
Obama Care Replacement Bill….

CDC Document Bombshell Reveals List of all Vaccine Excipients – List
Prepare For Change | 07 March 2017

House GOP Releases Obamacare Replacement: The American Health Care Act | 06 March 2017
GOP O’Care Replacement…

Amish Farmer Sam Girod is in Jail…
iContact | March 2017
Criminalization of Herbal Remedies…

Another Devastating Revelation on Killer Medical Drugs is Buried
No More Fake News | 05 March 2017
Certifies as safe and…

Amish Farmer Placed in Jail By FDA For Selling Healing Salve
Fulcrum 7 | 05 March 2017

Local:Letters to a Young Farmer: Stone Barns Center Releases Its First Book
Food Tank | 03 March 2017
36 contributors…

An English Sheep Farmer’s View of Rural America
NY Times | 01 March 2017
Less than 3 percent of people in…

“Bought” Vaccine Movie Bonus Short- Andrew Wakefield
Bought Movie | 05 March 2017
YouTube | 13 May 2015
Moral and professional obligation to..