Economy & Financial Markets – 3rd Quarter 2018



Dark Journalist | 24 September 2018

Financial Accounts May Be “Modified” to Shield Classified Programs
Federation of American Scientists | August 2018
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CLASSIFIED ACTIVITIES: Statement of Federal Financial Accounting Standards 56, SPONSOR REVIEW: Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board
FAS | 05 July 2018
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UST (Treasury) Yields vs S&P 500 Dividend Yields
Bespoke Premium | 24 September 2018
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Melting Arctic ice opens new route from Europe to east Asia
The Guardian | 28 September 2018

Global CFO Third Quarter Survey: USA is the Only Expanding Economy….
The Conservative Treehouse | 27 September 2018

Bid To Cover Plunges In Ugly, Tailing 2Y Auction
Zero Hedge | 24 September 2018

UPDATE 2-U.S. will not tap oil reserve as Iran sanctions loom-Perry
Reuters | 26 September 2018

What to Expect From the Fed This Week
Bloomberg | 24 September 2018

As Debt Rises, the Government Will Soon Spend More on Interest Than on the Military
CNBC | 26 September 2018

Here’s how the richest people in the world are investing their money
Business Insider | 26 September 2018

Trump’s tariffs on metals costs Ford $1 billion, CEO says
Reuters | 26 September 2018

Catherine Austin Fitts: Missing Trillions & the Secret Space Force Economy! Dark Journalist



DarkJournalist | 24 September 2018

BIS Quarterly Review, September 2018 – media briefing
Bank of International Settlements | 23 September 2018

Consumer Inflation Shadowstats (1980 Based) Alternate about 10%
Shadowstats | 13 September 2018

About Bank of International Settlements
Bank of International Settlements | September 2018

Global shares rise as traders shrug off new China-US tariffs
AP News | 19 September 2018

The stock market may be getting it wrong by rallying in the face of new U.S.-Chinese tariffs
CNBC | 18 September 2018

Dolly Parton: A Case Study of a Successful Investor 2015
Joshua Kennon | 12 July 2015

Risks of Belt and Road in Africa
OMFIF | 25 September 2018

FHFA House Price Index Up 0.2 Percent in July
FHFA | 25 September 2018

U.S. House Price Index – July 2018 (including regional change)
FHFA | 25 September 2018

Foreign Direct Investment in the United States, Preliminary 2nd Quarter 2018 PDF
Org for International Investment | 24 September 2018

The Ghostly Budget
Zero Hedge | 25 September 2018

The Gathering Storm In The Treasury Market
Macro Monitor | 21 September 2018

Ex-PBOC Head Warns China’s Exporters Could Soon Ditch The US
Zero Hedge | 20 September 2018

Welcome to Indiana: Wynright Corp to Close Illinois Plants in Favor of Indiana
Mish Talk | 20 September 2018

The Future Is in Africa, and China Knows It
Bloomberg | 20 September 2018

Calpers may hire China’s foreign-exchange regulator as its investment chief
Market Watch | 19 September 2018

China’s Meituan climbs 6 pct in Hong Kong debut
Yahoo | 19 September 2018

Trump intends to nominate ex-Fed economist Liang for Fed board seat: White House
Reuters | 19 September 2018

Investors trust auditors, but confidence in U.S. markets drops
Journal of Accountancy | 18 September 2018

Who Bought the $1.47 Trillion of New US National Debt over the Past 12 Months?
Wolf Street | 18 September 2018

China Cuts U.S. Treasury Holdings as Trade War Intensifies
Bloomberg Quint | 18 September 2018

10 Extremes Mean Risk In Financial “Never Never Land”
Chris Belchamber | 18 September 2018

Goldman Lists 329 Reasons Why Volatility Is About To Jump
Zero Hedge | 18 September 2018

China’s No. 1 Hotpot Chain Said to Price $963 Million IPO at Top
Bloomberg | 18 September 2018

The Spider’s Web: Britain’s Second Empire, is a documentary film that shows how Britain transformed
Spiders Web Film | September 2018

white-house[$$] Adyen’s IPO Success Spurs Hopes European Tech Scene Has Turned a Corner
Yahoo | 16 September 2018

Greg Hunter interviews: Catherine Austin Fitts – We’ve Reached “Never Never Land” Accounting
YouTube | 15 September 2018

For The First Time In 10 Years, Companies Have Spent More On Buybacks Than CapEx
Zero Hedge | 16 September 2018

The US Is Doing Everything to Make The Russian Elite Return Money to Their Motherland, by Ruslan Ostashko
The Saker | 15 September 2018

Meet America’s First “Shipping Container” Apartment Building For Millennials
Zero Hedge | 15 September 2018

The Spider’s Web: Britain’s Second Empire (Documentary)

The Spider's Web: Britain's Second Empire (Documentary)

The Spider's Web: Britain's Second Empire (Documentary)

YouTube | 14 September 2018

Mary Daly, labor expert, picked to run San Francisco Fed
Reuters | 14 September 2018

GM recalls over 1 million pickups, SUVs for power steering problem
CNBC | 13 September 2018

Money managers and Charities are offering Joint Investment Products
The Economist | 13 September 2018

Feds Collect Record Individual Income Taxes Through August; Still Run $898B Deficit
CNS News | 13 September 2018

Giza Death Star | 13 September 2018

UPDATE 3-Nordic power trader’s loss costs Nasdaq and members 114 mln euros
Reuters | 13 September 2018
Background: Nasdaq Commodities: Nordic Power Products
NASDAQ | September 2018

Central Banks Have Gone Rogue, Putting Us All at Risk
Truth Dig | 13 September 2018

Senate passes bipartisan spending package as lawmakers eye shutdown deadline
Washington Post | 12 September 2018

Rat in broth wipes $190 million off restaurant chain’s value
CNBC | 12 September 2018

Gundlach: US Economy And Stocks Could Be “Burnt Out”
Zero Hedge | 12 September 2018

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Kiva | September 2018

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Kiva Loan to Kelly: A loan of $8,000 helps us keep up with large volume purchases of branded packaging without locking up the working capital we need to pay our family of local vendors and employees on time
Kiva | September 2018

London loses top spot to New York in financial survey due to Brexit
Reuters | 12 September 2018

Jamie Dimon says he could beat Trump in an election
Fox Business | 12 September 2018

Exclusive: Deutsche Bank weighs overhaul that could make deals easier – sources
Reuters | 12 September 2018

Budget Deficit Soars To $895 Billion; Will Hit $1 Trillion One Year Ahead Of Plan
Zero Hedge | 11 September 2018

Eastern Economic Forum 11–13 September 2018 The Far East: Expanding the Range of Possibilities, reflects our aspiration to see Russia more closely integrated into the economic network of the huge Asia-Pacific region
ForumVostok | 11 September 2018

Deutsche Bank shares dip after report that China’s HNA plans to sell its stake
CMBC | 07 September 2018

Chapwood Index

Alibaba co-founder Jack Ma to step down, stock dips
Market Watch | 07 September 2018
Chinese Tech Mogul Jack Ma Ponders Life After Alibaba
Bloomberg Video | 06 September 2018

Cheers in southern France city as court blocks McDonald’s sale
Yahoo | 07 September 2018

‘Tokenisation’ of infrastructure assets
OMFIF | 06 September 2018

Goldman Sachs Joins Citigroup in Flashing Warnings on S&P 500
Bloomberg | 05 September 2018

U.S. Trade Gap Widens Most Since 2015; Record China Deficit
Bloomberg | 05 September 2018

Goldman’s Bear Market Indicator Shows Crash Dead Ahead, Asks “Should We Be Worried?”
Zero Hedge | 05 September 2018

Dutch bank ING fined $900 million for failing to spot money laundering
Reuters UK | 04 September 2018

Embattled blood-testing firm Theranos to dissolve: WSJ
Reuters | 04 September 2018

State Farm Agrees to Pay $250 Million, Avoids Racketeering Trial
Insurance Journal | 04 September 2018

Amazon becomes the 2nd US company to join the $1 trillion club (AMZN)
Business Insider | 04 September 2018

Amazon touches $1 trillion, on pace to overtake Apple
Reuters | 04 September 2018

Meituan reportedly targets $55B valuation for Hong Kong IPO, leading to concerns that may be too high
Tech Crunch | 03 September 2018

Russell Napier: “The IMF Is About To Send A Profound Shudder Through A Generation Of Investors”
Zero Hedge | 03 September 2018

World Stocks Have Underperformed The US By The Most Since The Financial Crisis
Zero Hedge | 01 September 2018

Why Is Productivity Dead in the Water?
Charles Hugh Smith | 30 August 2018

Putin details amendments to soften impact of impending pension system reform
Russia Today | 29 August 2018

The President’s address to Russian citizens (transcript)
Kremlin | 29 August 2018

A Missouri City Sells Out Minority Small Businesses for Big Box Promises
STrong Towns | 28 August 2018

Money for Nothing: Many jobs are pointless. Others are being automated away. In the future, who will still work for a paycheck?
New Republic | 29 August 2018

Harry Reid is in BIG trouble (lawsuit!)
The Horn News | 29 August 2018

Amazon HQ2: How did we get here? What comes next?

Brookings | 28 August 2018

Trump says he’s thinking about indexing capital gains to inflation
Accounting Today | 28 August 2018

Let The Emerging Market Bailouts Begin: “We Don’t Have Much Choice”
Dollar Collapse | 28 August 2018

Downsizing the Federal Government: Your Guide to Cutting Federal Spending: Privatization – 2016
Downsizing Government | 12 July 2016

White-Collar Criminals Got Off Scot-Free After the 2008 Financial Crisis — and That Helped Fuel President Trump’s Rise
Naked Capitalism | 28 August 2018

Iran president asks Europe for guarantees on banking channels and oil sales
Reuters | 27 August 2018

U.S. Government Financial Balance Sheet One Step Closer To Blowing Up
SRS Rocco Report | 27 August 2018

Can The U.S. Bring Iranian Oil Exports To Zero?
Oil Price | 27 August 2018

Top student loan ripoff investigator quits CFPB; says bureau suppressed report about unfair account fees
Bob Sullivan | 27 August 2018

The Incredible, Rage-Inducing Inside Story of America’s Student Debt Machine
Mother Jones | September October 2018

North America Consumer confidence Economy More from Business US consumer confidence rises to 18-year high
AP | 27 August 2018

S&P 500, Nasdaq jump to record highs as US and Mexico strike trade deal
CNBC | 27 August 2018

To Understand America’s Neofeudal Economy, Start with Extortion
Of Two Minds | 27 August 2018

BIS Warns Of “Perfect Storm” For Global Economy
Zero Hedge | 27 August 2018

Even as they lower tax rates, North Texas cities are failing to offset spike in property values
Dallas News | 26 August 2018

How China’s Mobile Ecosystems Are Making Banks Obsolete
Econintersect| 24 August 2018

The Pentagon’s New Stealth Bookkeeping
POGO | 24 August 2018

Jackson Hole History Suggests Market Calm to Follow Powell’s Debut
Bloomberg | 23 August 2018

BIS Warns Of “Perfect Storm” For Global Economy
Zero Hedge | 26 August 2018

Majority Of Young Americans Live In A Household Receiving Welfare
Zero Hedge | 24 August 2018

‘Overwhelming’ response to world’s first blockchain bond
CNBC | 24 August 2018

Russian Central Bank building goes up in flames
Russia Today | 24 August 2018

These Sears and Kmart stores will start liquidation sales as early as next week
Market Watch | 24 August 2018

Are U.S. Companies Too Big and Powerful? The Fed Wants to Know
Bloomberg | 23 August 2018

Bonds Bid, Stocks Skid As Emerging Market Massacre Returns
Zero Hedge | 23 August 2018

As The Wealthy Flock To The Major Cities On Both Coasts, Poverty And Suicide Soar In Rural Areas
Zero Hedge | 23 August 2018

“When” Is Now!
Jim Sinclair’s Mineset | 20 August 2018

S&P 500, Dow Snap 4-day Winning Streak as Fed Points to coming Rate Hike
Market Watch | 22 August 2018

3,453 Days Later, the US Bull Market becomes the Longest on Record
CNBC | 22 August 2018

The Most Powerful Fed Economist You’ve Never Heard Of Is Retiring
Financial Advisor | 22 August 2018

‘Stuff Happens’: Nasty Reminder for Bondholders as ECB Eyes Exit
Bloomberg | 21 August 2018

Stocks hit all-time highs for the first time since January
Business Insider | 21 August 2018

GUNDLACH: Hedge funds are betting against Treasurys like never before, and they could soon face massive losses
Business Insider | 20 August 2018

Greece exits bailout, but ‘public debt tragedy’ persists
Market Watch | 20 August 2018

Has “For Now” Changed? The One Question Powell Must Answer At Jackson Hole
Zero Hedge | 19 August 2018

Mapping the Most Profitable Industry in Each U.S. State
How Much | 19 August 2018

HISTORIC! Black Business Ownership Under Trump Jumps 400% in ONE YEAR
The Gateway Pundit | 19 August 2018

Who Reads Financial Reports? Nobody!
Zero Hedge | 19 August 2018

As Maersk Sounds Trade War Alarm, Walmart Tells Some Suppliers To Look Outside China For Sourcing
Zero Hedge | 19 August 2018

They’re Falsely Accused of Shoplifting, but Retailers Demand Penalties
NY Times | 17 August 2018

Deere Says Trade Anxiety Is Getting Overblown in the Farm World
Bloomberg | 17 August 2018

Italy’s Atlantia Plunges Most On Record After Genoa Bridge Disaster
Zero Hedge | 16 August 2018

CEO compensation surged in 2017
Economic Policy Istitute | 16 August 2018

2016 USA Watchdog: William Black-US Has 25 Systemically Dangerous Institutions
YouTube | 29 March 2016

Emails show RBS bankers joked about destroying the US housing market before 2008
Business Insider | 16 August 2018

China nearly quadruples infrastructure approvals in July as growth slows
Reuters | 16 August 2018

Stunning MAGAnomic Sentiment: Small Business Optimism Survey Second Highest Reading in History….
The Conservative Treehouse | 14 August 2018

Libor’s Heir Presumptive Prepared to Take on Bank Bond Market
Bloomberg | 14 August 2018

Mortgage Investors Seek Safety Before Fed’s $1.7 Trillion Flood
Think Advisor | 13 August 2018

President signs bill expanding review of foreign investment
Pension & Investments | 13 August 2018

More than 1 million people default on their student loans each year
CNBC | 13 August 2018

The Financial Crisis Cost Every American $70,000, Fed Study Says
Bloomberg | 13 August 2018

Infrastructure spending: Which state is falling apart the worst?
USA Today | 13 August 2018

Contagion Hits Latin America: Argentine Peso, Brazilian Real Plummet
Zero Hedge | 13 August 2018

Italy Gives ECB An Ultimatum: “Guarantee” Bond Spreads Or “Euro Will Be Dismantled”
Zero Hedge | 13 August 2018

Anatomy of the Housing-Market Inflection Point in the Bay Area’s Sonoma County: Insider View
Wolf Street | 13 August 2018

Millennials, baby boomers to help U.S. achieve its greatest economic expansion in history, Wall Street veteran Ed Yardeni predicts
CNBC | 12 August 2018

President Trump: Planned Boycott By Harley-Davidson Owners Is “Great!”
Zero Hedge | 12 August 2018

Cost of Living Increasing at Fastest Rate in 10 Years
CBS News | 10 August 2018

Turkey’s Meltdown Ripples Across Emerging Markets: Inside EM
Bloomberg Quint | 10 August 2018

The World Bank is betting big on blockchain-based bonds
Technology Review | 10 August 2018

Bevin says pension system near collapse, appeals ruling striking down law
Louisville Courier Journal | 10 August 2018

The Swiss National Bank Now Owns $87.5 Billion In US Stocks After Q2 Tech Buying Spree
Zero Hedge | 09 August 2018

U.S. government debt yields fall the most in 5 weeks after inflation report
Market Watch | 09 August 2018

Top 100 US Public Pensions Lose $23 Billion in Q2
Chief Investment Officer | 07 August 2018

One of the largest banks issued an alarming warning that Earth is running out of the resources to sustain life
Business Insider | 07 August 2018

Why Warren Buffett’s record-breaking cash stockpile should have investors very worried
Business Insider | 07 August 2018

City officials rush to fix Fort Worth’s pension problem
Fox 4 News | 07 August 2018

China’s 500th largest firm is first casualty of trade war with US
A Times | 04 August 2018
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Landmark Marilyn Monroe Copyright Dispute Decided
Wealth Management | 03 August 2018

IMF highlights looming global risks
OMFIF | 03 August 2018

A Brazen Corporate Miscreant: Wells held out and has now been rewarded by the Trump DOJ with a settlement that is substantially smaller than the ones that preceded it
Dirt Diggers Digest | 02 August 2018

HIGHLIGHTS-Bank of England’s Carney speaks after raising interest rates
Reuter | 02 August 2018

Oil Bounces From One-Month Low as U.S. Supply Hub Seen Draining
Bloomberg | 01 August 2018

China’s Empire of Money Is Reshaping Global Trade
Bloomberg | 01 August 2018

Fed signals another hike coming soon as it peppers statement with the word ‘strong’
Market Watch | 01 August 2018

Fed set to hold rates steady, remain on track for more hikes
Reuters | 31 July 2018

Top incomes rising twice the rate of those near the bottom
Undernews | 31 July 2018

South Carolina: Opportunity Zone
SC Opportunity Zone | 2018
New…designed to encourage long-term private investments in low-income…

The AfrAsia Bank: Global Wealth Migration Review: Trends over the past 10 years, with predictions for the next 10 years
Afrasia Bank | June 2018

Are Stock Buybacks Starving the Economy?
The Atlantic | 31 July 2018

Here’s How America Uses Its Land
Bloomberg | 31 July 2018

Who’s shopping where? The power of geospatial analytics in omnichannel retail
McKinsey | July 2018

Want your kids to learn the power of money? Start a lemonade stand
PBS| 31 July 2018

China relaxes foreign stock investment rules to boost A-share market
South China Morning Post | 30 July 2018

Sliver of Hope for China Stock Bulls
Bloomberg | 30 July 2018

The 2018 Economic Symposium, “Changing Market Structure and Implications for Monetary Policy,” will take place August 23 – 25, 2018
Kansas City Fed | 30 July 2018

Trump Takes on the Fed
Op Ed News | 30 July 2018

US competes with China’s ‘Belt and Road Initiative’ with US$113 million Asian investment programme
South China Morning Post | 30 July 2018

Subscription: The Pension Hole for U.S. Cities and States Is the Size of Japan’s Economy
WSJ | July 2018

Widespread tech sell-off drags Wall St. down
Reuters | 30 July 2018

New pension law giving control to N.J. firefighters and police scorned by Wall Street
NJ | 27 July 2018

The Harvard Boys Do Russia
The Nation | 14 May 1998
Oldie but Goodie

2017: Meet the Chinese Billionaire Who Opened Shop in Ohio (HBO)

Meet the Chinese Billionaire Who Opened Shop in Ohio (HBO)

Meet the Chinese Billionaire Who Opened Shop in Ohio (HBO)

YouTube | 20 March 2017

UPDATE 1-Speculative U.S. 5-year, 10-year T-note net shorts hit record highs -CFTC
Reuters | 27 July 2018

How Your Child’s Lemonade Stand Could Land You in Jail
Daily Signal | 27 July 2018

Russia will light up Africa – Putin
Russia Today | 27 July 2018

US economy grows 4.1%, the fastest pace since 2014
Business Insider | 27 July 2018

Xi Jinping’s trip to Africa cements continent’s growing ties to China, and Beijing’s loans
South China Morning Post | 29 July 2018

10th BRICS Summit July 25-27 2018
Wikipedia | 27 July 2018

China’s belt-and-road plans are to be welcomed—and worried about
The Economist | 26 July 2018

Subscription: Outflows From U.S. Stocks Swell as Investors Seek Refuge in Bonds
WSJ | 26 July 2018

With economy faltering, Iran appoints new head of central bank
Reuters | 25 July 2018

SEDA: An Interactive Guide
Boston Consulting Group | July 2018

JGBs recover further after BOJ operations see limited selling in super-long bonds
Reuters | 25 July 2018

“Why Are Developers Only Building Luxury Housing?”
Strong Towns | 25 July 2018

EU Unemployment Close To Pre-Recession Levels
Statista | 25 July 2018

Trade war threat sparks exodus of €38bn of European funds
Irish Times | 24 July 2018

As Russia dumps US Treasuries who’s left holding on to America’s debt?
Russia Today | 24 July 2018

Republicans are looking to overhaul retirement plans in tax cut bill
Yahoo | 24 July 2018

The U.S. needs a pension registry to help people keep track of their savings
Market Watch | 24 July 2018

China Caves: The Full Details Behind Beijing’s Launch Of Fiscal Easing
Zero Hedge | 24 July 2018

Long Bond at a Crossroads
Dana Lyon’s Tumblr | 24 July 2018

Morningstar Reports U.S. Mutual Fund and ETF Asset Flows for June 2018
Market Watch | 23 July 2018

RPT-Japan starts speculating: Which route of stimulus-reduction will BOJ take?
Reuters | 23 July 2018

Op-Ed: Defense takes the heat, but HUD’s financial books are also a mess
Watch Dog | 23 July 2018

Are large global cities pulling away from their surrounding regions?
Brookings | 23 July 2018

The Costs of Fragility
Strong Towns | 23 July 2018

Japanese government bond yields up sharply on speculation about policy change
CNBC | 22 July 2018

Public Sector Pensions: The Parasite Devours Its Host
Dollar Collapse | 22 July 2018

Is Our Government Intentionally Hiding $21 Trillion in Spending?
Forbes | 21 July 2018

Dick Bove Commentary: Trump poised to take control of the Federal Reserve
CNBC | 20 July 2018

Swiss regulator says Rothschild Bank AG broke anti-money laundering rules in 1MDB case
Straits Times | 20 July 2018

Putin’s silence unnerves Russia after ‘panic’ over pension plan
New Haven Register | 19 July 2018

MAGAnomic Policy Interacting With Financial Systems – Multinational Wall Street vs Main Street U.S.A…
The Conservative Treehouse | 18 July 2018

Oil spikes after US production hits record 11 million barrels per day
Business Insider | 18 July 2018

The Three-Body Problem
Epsilon Theory | 21 December 2017

US Crude Oil Inventories Surge After Production Spikes, Exports Crash
Zero Hedge | 18 July

Underlying government units report
Truth in Accounting | 17 July 2018

Remington rejects ~$500M bid from Navajo Nation
Pitchbook | 17 July 2018

House passes bipartisan package on easing capital markets rule
Reuters | 17 July 2018

Russia Liquidates Its US Treasury Holdings
Zero Hedge | 17 July 2018

Semiannual Monetary Policy Report to the Congress: Chairman Jerome H. Powell
Federal Reserve | 17 July 2018

Mnuchin says U.S. to consider waivers on Iran sanctions
Reuters | 16 July 2018

China’s International Investment Position: Speech to International Monetary Institute at Renmin University, Beijing
OMFIF | 14 July 2018

Goldman: Avoiding A Recession Will Require “Something The Fed Has Never Achieved Before”
Zero Hedge | 14 July 2018

Kenya Uber to keep fares unchanged for now following drivers’ strike
Africa News | 14 July 2018

Exxon Mobil Joins Exodus of Firms From Lobbying Group ALEC
US News | 12 July 2018

TMPG Releases Consultative White Paper on Clearing and Settlement in the Secondary Market for U.S. Treasury Securities
New York Fed | 12 July 2018

In Russia a Dilemma for the Ages
Stratfor | 12 July 2018

Interactive – Where Work Pays: Occupations & Earnings across the United States: Employment & Wages
The Hamilton Project | July 2018

House panel clears 8 bills, eyes larger package for Senate
The Hill | 11 July 2018

Titans of Junk: Behind the Debt Binge That Now Threatens Markets
Bloomberg | 11 July 2018

Accounting, de-risking moves bolster Swiss pension plan funding
IPE | 11 July 2018

Report: Global manufacturing scorecard: How the US compares to 18 other nations
Brookings |10 July 2018

A symptom of a deeper malaise in Defense Department accounting?
Truth in Accounting | 10 July 2018

Death By China: How America Lost Its Manufacturing Base (Official Version) 2016

Death By China: How America Lost Its Manufacturing Base (Official Version)

Death By China: How America Lost Its Manufacturing Base (Official Version)

YouTube |10 April 2016

Italy’s social security chair warns on pension impact of border closure
IPE | 09 July 2018

Californians need more candor about rising pension costs
Mercury News | 08 July 2018

Texas Teachers joins Blackstone infra fund, confirms $2bn Tricon JV
IPE | 06 July 2018

Private Equity Real Estate News
PERE News | 2018

Work till you die: Record number of folks age 85 and older are working in the US
Sott | 05 July 2018

Merkel warns of worldwide financial crisis
The Hamilton Spectator | 04 July 2018

San Francisco Home Prices Soar By A Record $200,000 In Six Months
Zero Hedge | 07 July 2018

A global economic “recovery” without wage increases
WSWS | 06 July 2018

A Public Bank for Los Angeles? City Council Puts It to the Voters
Op Ed News | 06 July 2018

U.S. Consumer Comfort Nears 17-Year High as Economic View Gains
Bloomberg | 05 July2018

Looming Dollar Shortage Getting Worse As Emerging Markets Implode
Zero Hedge | 05 July 2018

‘Slo-Mo Credit Crunch’ Has Already Taken Hold, Bond Guru Says
Bloomberg | 04 July 2018

HNA Group chairman Wang Jian dies in 15-metre fall onto rocks while posing for a photo in France
South China Morning Post | 04 July 2018

Dutch watchdog urges schemes to prepare for a hard Brexit
IPE | 03 July 2018

Personal Loans Surge to a Record High
Bloomberg | 03 July 2018

China plans income tax cut to boost consumption and reduce inequality
CNBC | 03 July 2018

After ‘wake-up call’ from Supreme Court, California unions face tough political choices
SacBee | 03 July 2018

Phil Murphy gives police and firefighter unions control of their pensions
NJ Politics | 03 July 2018

New York will stop deducting union fees from non-members
NY Post | 02 July 2018

What Are The USA’s Most Popular Commodity Imports & Exports? | July 2018

Job growth helps push Americans’ financial well-being to record high
Journal of Accountancy | 01 July 2018

HSBC Is in Talks to Pay Russian Claim in Politically-Charged Case
Bloomberg | 29 June 2018
Russia’s war on Browder hits HSBC
The Times | 09 June 2018
and a repost for relevance below:
NYT repeats fabrication of Magnitsky as lawyer and whistleblower
Komisar Scoop | 27 April 2018

70 Valuable Things You Can Get for Free
Kiplinger | 29 June 2018

HSBC Is in Talks to Pay Russian Claim in Politically-Charged Case
Bloomberg | 29 June 2018
and a repost for relevance below:

Emerging Market Crisis Spreads To The Core, Central Banks Face Catch-22
Dollar Collapse | 30 June 2018

All Information (Except Text) for H.R.6290 – Public Employee Pension Transparency Act
Congress | 28 June 2018
Letter to Paul Ryan: Opposition to the Public Employee Pension Transparency Act
NASRA | 20 June 2018

How corporate tax incentives work and why cities spend so much on them
Strong Towns | 28 June 2018

IMF demands Switzerland link payouts to longevity, interest rates
IPE | 28 June 2018

Norway pension fund body slams government move on solvency rules
IPE | 28 June 2018

SEC Expands the Scope of Smaller Public Companies that Qualify for Scaled Disclosures
SEC | 28 June 2018

States, Cities Win Edge in Pension War With Supreme Court Ruling
Bloomberg | 27 June 2018

Social Security: What Would Happen If the Trust Funds Ran Out?
Congressional Research Service| 11 June 2018

2017 Annual Survey of Public Pensions: State & Local Tables:There were 297 state-administered funds and 5,232 locally-administered defined benefit public pension systems, all of which are represented here
Census | 28 June 2018
2017 Census update reports decline in active retirement system members.

Understanding FIRE: a philosophy for financial independence and retiring early
Quartz | 27 June 2018

Acquisition Professionals Place Little Importance on Innovation, Survey Finds
Next Gov | 19 June 2018

Canaries in the coal mine
Economist | 16 June 2018

Pay Ratio Disclosures, Employees Will Have Questions About Their Pay
CEB Global| 19 April 2018

Resource Center: Daily Treasury Yield Curve Rates
Treasury.Gov | September 2018

How & Why Big Oil Conquered The World Part I and II
Corbett Report | 06 October 2017

Go To: Economy & Financial Markets – 2nd Quarter 2018