Dr. Jim MacKimmie: 1928 – 2012

By Anais Starr

Dr. Jim MacKimmieMy great good friend and doctor healer, Dr. Jim MacKimmie passed away on Monday evening, June 11. After the initial stab of a shock, jangling of heart strings, sleeping on it overnight, and talking about it with my family and friends who knew him, I am remembering the parts of his life that I had the privilege to experience.

I met Dr. Jim in 2004 during a particularly chaotic time in my life. A friend suggested he might help me, and help me he did!

Dr Jim was an energy healer. In 2005 he published a book: “The Presence of Angels: A Healer’s Life.” The photo above is of Dr. Jim when he came to my house for a book signing event that October. The house was absolutely filled with people.

Presence of AngelsThe Presence of Angels chronicles his life which began on November 29, 1928. The first line of chapter 1 is: “How can anyone understand my burning desire to be a healer?” He began his quest at an early age. To the benefit of us all.

He said:

“Healing was the compass to guide my ship safely through the fog to my destined port, a course I knew totally in my heart. However, the passengers and crew were constantly demanding a change of course through the turbulent tides of mind and emotion. Perhaps when you see how my headstrong mental outlook tried to knock me off my path, you will see that it is possible for anyone to heal. I think God must have chosen me, with all my shortcomings, to prove this point.”

He talked to me about healers he had known and did know. What a fascinating world it was! I knew the truth of his “burning desire.” Stories of others were interesting, but he was for me and many many others, our healer, unparalleled, ultimately with us. To lie on his session table, have him take your hand and tell you you’re ok, everything is going to be better than you ever imagined it could be, draw the line in the sand and keep moving forward, don’t look back… the peace and dis-entanglement from trouble he imparted was a balm for our souls, and meant healing for our bodies. I have never known anyone so consistently positive, so consistently ‘in my corner’ than he. And that will be sorely missed.

At one time early in my relationship with Dr. Jim I became concerned about his passing. What would I do! What would we do without him? I asked him if he would teach me. He said he had tried to teach someone at one point but it just didn’t pan out. I commiserated over this, accepted it, kept asking him questions, and ultimately came to understand what he had learned, and what it was that I needed to learn from him.

I believe it is, as he says, ‘possible for anyone to heal.’ What I learned from being quiet and listening to the good Doctor, in stepping out of my place of wanting and striving, was where I stood with my own possibilities. That inherent in energy is real power from which all healing comes.

And you know another thing I learned – energy healers never die!

I also want to acknowledge Dr. Jim’s wife, Andrea, with whom I became good friends over the years. I have to agree with Dr. Jim’s statement that “There are those who sparkle in our life like brilliant stars in the evening sky. Andrea is one of these.”

You can order Dr. Jim’s book from Knowing Heart Publishing.