DC. . . Meet the Producers

DC. . . Meet the Producers
DC. . . Meet the Producers

by Najat Madry

No, I’m not talking about the cast members of the Broadway musical. Hillary Clinton had the nerve to called them deplorable. Tucker Carlson recently referenced them in a direct rant to the political establishment on his show. The Washington bureaucracy classifies them in various government statistics as faceless demographics. Though as a people they come in all shades and religions and from different economic backgrounds, they do have something in common: They can produce. From electricians to farmers to mechanics, from restaurants to successful family businesses of different sizes, the producers I am talking about contribute to the fabric of America by making things and doing whatever needs to get done.

Small businesses and those who make them go are the life blood of the country, making up as much as 80% of the labor force, and they are mad as hell. Yes, they are Trump supporters, but this has gone way beyond Trump. The American sovereign way of life is on the line. The questionable events of voter fraud in the November 3rd election have left many asking questions like, “How in the blazes does a weak candidate like Joe Biden and an even more detestable character like Kamala Harris (whose own Jamaican father has publicly condemned her and who only received 2% of the primary votes in her own party) beat Donald J. Trump?” We’ve all seen the rallies for Trump, with attendance reaching 40,000 to 60,000 people, while Biden barely can pull 10 people, even with Obama present. There was no excitement for the Democrats’ candidate, but there was plenty for Trump. Boat parades, motor parades, truck parades—heck, even the Amish had a horse-and-buggy parade stretching miles long. None of it makes sense. Then, on election night, there were the strange voting machine glitches, late-night stopping of the vote counts, 3:00 a.m. ballot dumps (only for Biden), missing thumb drives, more ballots than registered voters, up to 300% voter turnout in some counties, countless undercover videos of criminal acts, and on and on. If a person is willing to look, there’s smoke with this fire, and it’s an inferno.

Despite all of that, the media declared Biden the winner. It was the straw that broke the camel’s back. After months of unconstitutional lockdown restrictions, businesses being declared “non-essential,” and violence and looting from the left’s “peaceful protests” (where the magic virus apparently had no impact—unlike at a Trump rally), the producers simply have had enough. They are law-abiding citizens who believe in the American way of life—which is freedom, not white nationalism—and want the best for the future of this country. They are sick of being labeled as racists and homophobes for loving their country. On November 14th, THOUSANDS of them descended on Washington, DC to make their voices and presence heard and seen. They know that if there is no integrity in their elections, America as we know it is over—for everyone, not just for conservatives. It will be slavery.

2020 has presented all of us with challenges and stresses. Everyone is grumpy and annoyed. Liberals and conservatives alike are frustrated and confused. Somehow, the media have anointed liberals as the purveyors of moral authority while putting down conservatives. God knows, I’ve put up with plenty, staying silent while listening to liberals say the dumbest and most insulting things about Trump supporters before a Zoom yoga class or at family dinners—because they can, and I have to sit there and take it. From their perspective, they follow the rules, care more about society, are more tolerant toward others, and believe in the greater good. Secretly, I long for the day when I can say, “You guys have been brainwashed and duped!” I know that’s not the most anthroposophical approach to communicating. Anthroposophy (the holistic, human-centered philosophy based on the teachings of Rudolf Steiner) would say to show love and kindness, but I would be lying if I didn’t say that I long for the day to rub it their faces. . . . (Pent-up resentment for the last four years; sorry!)

The majority of the producers feel the same way. “Shut up, you support Trump.” “You bad, me good.” That’s the thinking. I swear to God, in the beginning of the year just before the lockdowns began, I was at a party; a friend’s sister said to my face, “Trump supporters are toothless and dumb,” assuming I was a Democrat and anti-Trump. Meanwhile, she’s a top executive at JPMorgan—a bank that has committed countless crimes through the years, racking up close to $42 billion in SEC, DOJ, and other litigation fines and settlements. So, maybe some Trump supporters might be “toothless,” but at least they don’t participate in breaking down the fabric of society the way JPMorgan does. Given the level of criminality in which JPMorgan engages, with FDIC insurance, bailouts, and large servicing income from its government contracts, maybe we can understand why JPMorgan employees and shareholders can afford much better dental work than the taxpayers they skim.

It’s the double standard that gets everyone rowled up, and the media are excellent at stoking those flames. There’s only so much anyone can take. As I checked into my hotel in DC the day before the Million MAGA rally, the doorman (from the African nation of Eritrea) got all excited and said to me in his thick accent, “I want so badly to say ‘Make America Great Again,’ but all my co-workers and family hate Trump and I can’t. This is supposed to be America. There is supposed to be free speech. I can’t say ‘Make America Great Again.’” I simply replied back to him, “This weekend, you can.”

After checking into my hotel room, I decided to explore DC. I was amazed by how many “MAGA people” were scattered across the city. And that was the day before; little did I know what the day of the rally itself would be like. I came across lovely people, saying hello, just wanting to speak freely about what’s going on in the country. Like G.W. from Houston, who drove two days with his wife Bess, their daughter Mason, and son Samuel. Simple folks who were determined to make their voices heard. As I was walking toward the Lincoln Memorial, G.W. followed along and kept asking me questions, because the world did not make any sense to him. It’s not because he’s a white man, and the world has changed. It’s because race and social class have been used in nefarious ways as marketing tools to make the world worse and go in the wrong direction. It might upset some people to hear me saying that, but it seems to me liberals don’t know about the World Economic Forum’s (WEF’s) plans for the “Great Reset.” That’s the media’s fault. Klaus Schwab’s recent comments at the WEF revealed the future plans of global communism and slavery for all as fact and no longer just “conspiracy theory.”

The day of the rally, I hurried down to Freedom Plaza, the event’s starting point. Hundreds of American and Trump flags were waving in the air while speeches were made. All kinds of people were present, and I truly mean all kinds—farmers, ladies with Gucci and Louis Vuitton accessories, choirs, Black Voices for Trump, Latinos for Trump, Military Families for Trump, and Asians. My God, did the Asians turn out; people from China who fled the CCP and know the pains of communism, plus people from other former communist blocks like the Soviet Union, Vietnam, and Romania. Trump even made a quick visit in his motorcade, along with the Secret Service, which must have been a logistical nightmare. It was incredible.

From a distance, I heard the roar of a crowd and wondered where it was coming from. It wasn’t coming from Freedom Plaza. As it became time to march toward the Supreme Court, I walked up the wrong street, but the noise of the crowd was echoing through, so I turned to my right toward Pennsylvania Avenue—and there they were. The sea of red hats. I ran to catch up with them and there was the endless wave of people, flying flags, and cheering voices. The only thing I could say at that moment was, “holy shit.” (Excuse me.) I genuinely had thought that the rally would draw maybe 80,000 to 100,000 people at most. This was nuts.

And the passion was palpable. People flew in from all parts of the country, red states and blue states, deciding within a week of the event being scheduled to book their tickets or drive across country. They were showing up. There were elderly people in walkers and wheelchairs. It was so emotional and joyful. Everyone was having fun and happy to be there, not just for President Trump, but to take a stand. It was empowering. It was electric. They said there were anywhere from 250,000 to two million present at the rally.

I don’t know the official number, but I do know that hundreds of thousands of face-to-face conversations took place. If one of the objectives of the pandemic has been to have people locked in their homes and not talking to one another, the recent current events appear to have only multiplied their curiosity, and the rally was an outlet for their conversations. We’ve gone past conspiracy theories to conspiracy facts. People know something is up. And they were talking! Those conversations went home with them, to be had with others in their communities. I hate to break it to the global elite. . . but the genie is out of the bottle. There’s no putting it back in. That momentum will only continue to build. It is in the ether. It has been, for a while, with people like Catherine reporting the truth, but never at the level I witnessed at the rally. That’s how blatant the corruption has become. It’s reckless, and it’s unsustainable. It’s been bad for a long time, but now it has gotten so bad it’s like a huge thump on the head. I guess that’s how awareness kicks in—a big thump on the head.

The sad ending to this story is the media’s reporting on the Million MAGA March and their focus on the attendance of Antifa and the Proud Boys. Yes, yes; of course they had to show up. The rally was too successful. The opposition underestimated the commitment of Trump supporters. During the day, there were maybe 20 Antifa members at the rally, but at night, when the crowds went home and the remaining supporters were enjoying a night out in DC, there were brawls between “Proud Boys and Antifa.” Ruining everyone’s fun. If I were a betting woman, it wouldn’t shock me if it was all staged so that the media would have something negative to report and be able to say, “There go those white supremacists supporting Trump.” Blah, blah, blah. . . .

Mainstream news outlets may be successful in reporting on the Trump “white supremacists” at the Million MAGA March, but they will never be successful in destroying that energy. As Einstein once stated, “energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.” The energy from the rally is transforming. It will be used by each and every person who attended the event to wake up, engage, and inspire others. It’s accelerating faster than anyone can imagine. There’s no stopping it.

Sorry not sorry, Mr. Global and your global elites.