Culture – 3rd Quarter 2018

Top galleries take a chance on Taipei Dangdai
The Art Newspaper | 28 September 2018

My Yearbook Accuses Me Of “Taking People’s Life Savings”: What Does Your Say?
Zero Hedge | 27 September 2018

List of most visited art museums 2017
Wikipedia | 2017

The Cathedrals of France
Wikipedia | 2017

Franklin Sanders on Jailhouse Ministry (Current)
Solari Library | October 2016

(Trailer) Break from the Heard: A Trilogy of Stories about Courage, Fortitude & Grit
Break from the Herd Film | 2018

Men Going Their Own Way: is a Statement of Self-ownership
MGTOW | August 2018


Andreas Wannerstedt | July 2018

More people are visiting New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art than ever before
The Art Newspaper | 06 July 2018

Trump administration opens probe of Yale University over admissions
My San Antonio | 26 September 2018

Gavin Newsom Appears in 1st-grade Textbook with Abraham Lincoln, MLK
Breitbart | 26 September 2018

Indonesian teenager survives 49 days adrift at sea in ‘fishing hut’
BBC | 24 September 2018

BURKA BAN Swiss voters approve ‘burka ban’ in St. Gallen region after two-thirds back veil crackdown
The Sun | 24 September 2018

Roman Catholic Priest Removed From Parish for Burning LGBT Flag
Abundant Hope | 24 September 2018

These Giants are breathtaking
YouTube | 20 September 2018

DOJ Looks Into Whether Harvard Discriminates Against Asian-Americans
NPR | 03 August 2018

Animated Map: Visualizing 2,400 Years Of European History
Zero Hedge | 20 September 2018

YouTube | 01 January 2018

How Marilyn Waring went from political prodigy to international influencer
Noted | 19 September 2018

Nearly half in top 5 U.S. cities don’t speak English at home, record 67 million
Washington Examiner | 19 September 2018

Swedish professor accused of bigotry for saying men and women ‘biologically different’
Russia Today | 17 September 2018

Huge rise in school-age girls seeking gender reassignment prompts UK govt research
RT | 17 September 2018

Top 10: Most visited museums in the world
Nation Multimedia | 17 June 2017

New 3-D Hologram Forever Preserves Holocaust Survivors
Holocaust Survivors Preserved in Hologram

YouTube | 22 November 2017

“No More, Papi”: Taco Bell Employee Kicks Customer Out For Ordering In English
Zero Hedge | 15 September 2018

Gender ‘X’: New York City to add third gender option to birth certificates
NBC News| 12 September 2018

Giza Death Star | 10 September 2018

Egypt Station: Paul McCartney releases first album in 5 years
DW | 06 September 2018

YouTube | 20 June 2018

Public Schools Threaten Parents With Jail Time for Truant Kids
Reason | 07 September 2018

‘Blind courage’: Unable to see, Brophy Prep’s Adonis Watt plays running back
AZ Central | 06 September 2018

After long fight for self-government, indigenous town of Cherán, Mexico ushers in new council
NBC News | 04 September 2018

Philadelphia Museum of Contemporary Art to host satanic Black Mass
Fellowship of the Minds | 05 September 2018
Ritual of Hate in CIty of Brotherly Love: Philadelphia hosts a Satanic black “mass”
Catholic Family News | September 2018

2016: Relache Ensemble goes to the devil at Penn Museum
The Enquirer | 17 October 2016

124 Adam Brock on Forming Nurtured Networks
Root Simple | 05 September 2018

Oldie but Goodie: 2013 -A Letter from Li Kaifu to His Daughter: How to Spend Your College Life
China Daily | 01 April 2013
Oldie but Goodie

Tensions flare after fire destroys Brazil museum in ‘tragedy foretold’
Reuters UK | 03 September 2018

Aretha’s final show: Detroit Temple fills with laughter as Bill Clinton recounts awestruck encounter with the Queen of Soul, while Jennifer Hudson and Ariana Grande sing their hearts out
Daily Mail | 31 August 2018

Aretha Franklin Funeral: FULL Memorial Service
Global News | 31 August 2018

Thousands of SAT exams taken Saturday could be invalidated
ABC11 | 28 August 2018

2017: College Board toughens SAT security measures
China Daily | 24 February 2017

When School Is Based on What Kids Want to Learn
Yes Magazine | 28 August 2018

IoT: The Irrelevance of Thingies
City Observatory | 21 August 2018

Will you donate to PETA’s projects supporting Animal Rahat’s critical work today?
Peta | August 2018

Travel can be Humbling
Stay Sane in Crazy Making Times | 20 August 2018

Why it’s worth listening to people you disagree with | Zachary R. Wood

YouTube | 10 May 2018
Video: Zachary R. Wood: Crusader For Open Dialogue and Free Speech
Fox News | 19 July 2018

Elegant Friesian horse meets the neighbours cows. SO FUNNY, what a horse!

YouTube | 17 July 2016

Jacksonville shooting victims identified as father, former high school football player
CBS News | 27 August 2018

Parents fight back after school drops Pledge of Allegiance for student-authored oath to ‘global society’
EAG News| 24 August 2018

The lost civilization of California wine
San Francisco Chronicle | 23 August 2018

Aretha Franklin Didn’t Leave A Will, So What’s Next?
Forbes | 22 August 2018

Move Over Vagina, Make Room for the Trans-Inclusive ‘Front Hole’
PJ Media | 22 August 2018

Dr.Mararu Emotos Rice Experiment – The Power Of Words

YouTube | 23 January 2017

Western Civilization Is Now A Caricature of Absurdity
Paul Craig Roberts | 21 August 2018

Iconic animal cracker box gets redesign after pressure from PETA
New York Post | 21 August 2018

RIP Aretha Franklin: Five ways the Queen of Soul made history
BBC | 16 August 2018

This owl was stuck when construction workers came along to save him
Twitter | 17 August 2018

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Help Me Record an Album! Izzy Hagerup
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The Billionaires and The Guru: How a Family Burned Through $2 Billion
Bloomberg| 16 August 2018

The Great Chinese Art Heist
GQ | 15 August 2018

Crazy Rich Asians Is Going to Change Hollywood. It’s About Time
Time | 15 August 2018

Paris encourages tourists to relieve themselves in public with exposed urinals
NY Daily News | 14 August 2018

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Jay Dyer is creating Talks and Videos
Patreon | August 2018

Chartres Cathedral, also known as the Cathedral of Our Lady of Chartres
Wikipedia | August 2018
COL Welborn Barton Griffith, Jr
Wikipedia | August 2018

Endurance Available for Free – One Catherine’s Favorite Documentaries
Documentary on the Endurance
YouTube | 31 May 2014

Vacation: Americans Get A Raw Deal
Statista | 08 August 2018

The Greatest Upset in Quiz Show History
Slate | 06 August 2018

Villa Merian Cafe Restaurant
Villa Merian | August 2018

Putin: Baptism of Ancient Rus’ Formed Russia’s People

YouTube | 29 July 2018

‘Pedophiles are people’ sign posted near school
KATU | 28 July 2018

The Gateway and the Gatekeeper: In Memory of Jonathan Gold
The Ringer | 23 July 2018

Millions Of Muslims Are Having ‘Jesus Dreams’ and Converting To Christianity
Your News Wire | 23 July 2018

San Francisco is a Sh*thole

YouTube | 22 July 2018

Letting Go and Slowing Down – Why Today’s Mothers Need Support and Community More Than Ever
Strong Towns | 31 May 2018

American journalist investigates organised crime in Southeast Asia — drugs, dognapping, defectors and the role of the Catholic Church
South China MP | 20 July 2018

2014: How to speak so that people want to listen | Julian Treasure

YouTube | 27 June 2014

Student takes long walk to work — ends up owning boss’ car
Fox News | 18 July 2018

Don’t Be Fooled by the Slight Shifts in Colonialism’s Hold
Yes Magazine | 17 July 2018

San Diego Comic-Con 2018: all the best panels, news, and trailers to look for
The Verge | 17 July 2018

France seal second World Cup triumph with 4-2 win over brave Croatia
The Guardian | 15 July 2018

Ted Turner: I Think It’s “Good” U.S. Troops are Killing Themselves – 2012

YouTube | 25 October 2012
(the “Good” of humanity trying to cope)

“Fed Up Populace” Warns San Franciscans “Watch Your Backs… For Homeless People”
Zero Hedge | 14 July 2018

Bastille Day, France, July 14th
Wikipedia | July 2018

England’s World Cup dream dashed as Croatia win semi-final in extra-time
The Guardian | 11 July 2018

Dick Cheney Signs a Waterboarding Kit in a New Promo for Sacha Baron Cohen’s Showtime Show
Vulture | 09 July 2018

Generation wealth: how the modern world fell in love with money
The Guardian | 08 July 2018

TIDBIT: WELL FINALLY…! Picture of the Organ Console Under Construction
Giza Death Star | 07 July 2018

How a Generation Lost Its Common Culture (2016)
Minding the Campus |02 February 2016

Wisconsin Supreme Court Sides With Conservative Professor In Landmark Free-Speech Case
Zero Hedge | 06 July 2018

Keep on moving: the bizarre dance epidemic of summer 1518
The Guardian | 05 July 2018

Letter From a Birmingham Museum
Epsilon Theory | 03 July 2018

The Universe Called Wagner – Introduction in Magic
Opera Sofia and Ballet | July 2018
Note: VDAS RHEINGOLD – Opera by Richard Wagner – Der Ring des Nibelungen July

Women (and Men) of the World, Unite! How to Stand Up to Extremist Orthodox Jews Who Demand You Give Up Your Airline Seat
Naked Capitalism | 02 July 2018

The First Thing I Learned As A Monk

YouTube | 14 June 2018

Defending the Heritage: Memphis Real Estate Scheme blamed in Removal of General Forrest’s Headstone
Facebook | May 2018

A Very Special Time and Place: I recently had the Privilege of Attending an Extraordinary Event in the Australian Outback, at the Foot of Uluru (pg 14-16)
Philosophy NZ | June 2018

The Lost da Vinci by Robb Report
YouTube | 30 June 2018

Rodrigo Koxa breaks world record for largest wave ever surfed after incredible run at Nazare beach
Independent | 01 May 2018

Shariah-Compliant Funds
Investopedia | 2018

Zakat DEFINITION of ‘Zakat’
Investopedia | 2018

This Is how To Talk To Cows

YouTube | 06 September 2017

JFK Reads Declaration of Independence (1957)

YouTube | 05 July 2013

The Cathars finally surrendered and were burned en masse when they refused to renounce their faith.
Wikipedia | August 2018

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