William Blake – The Prince of Imagination, Vision, and Faith with Jon Rappoport

"To see a World in a Grain of Sand 
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower 
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand 
And Eternity in an hour"

~ William Blake, “Auguries of Innocence

By Catherine Austin Fitts

In our next interview, I explore with Jon Rappoport what the romantic poet and painter William Blake can teach us today about the power of imagination, vision, and faith – critical ingredients to living a free and inspired life and to making a difference in deeply troubled times.

Jon Rappoport’s teachings on imagination have had a profound influence on me and on many Solari Report subscribers. So when he published a new article on Blake and his relevance to our current situation, I immediately asked Jon to join me on the Solari Report.

For Let’s Go to the Movies, I recommend The Romantics, a three-part documentary telling how the romantic movement that started in the arts was successful in establishing freedom, nature, and eternity as dominant values to counter central control.

The Romantics - Liberty (BBC Documentary)
The Romantics - Liberty (BBC Documentary)

In Money & Markets, John Titus and I will review the latest financial and geopolitical news, and what it means for the months ahead. E-mail your questions for Ask Catherine or post at the Money & Markets commentary here.

Talk to you on Thursday!

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