Catherine’s Money & Markets Commentary: November 22nd, 2018

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By Catherine Austin Fitts


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  • Update on Fires: last week M&M deaths, disinformation, questions about smart meters and chips, proprietary firefighters for the wealth
  • Megacities
  • The CIA Finds Saudi Crown Prince MBS Responsible for Journalist’s Murder, more regime change
  • US Midterm Election Aftermath: America Could Use Some Deals ~Peggy Noonan – the case for incrementalism
  • HHS Official/Former Pfizer Exec Daniel Best’s Death; Pfizer Raising Drugs; Stock Outperforms S&P
  • FANG stocks enter bear territory: Whither the S&P and China Trade Wars
  • Brexit: UK would be better off with a hard Brexit
  • The idea of an EU Military
  • GDP growth slowing, housing market slowing, negative outlooks and technocracy grows more oppressive


Bill Niman

Let’s Go to the Movies

The Blind Side

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Set Four: US Robotics, US Domestics, US Home Builders, S&P 500 Large Cap, Dow Jones REIT, US Real Estate, S&P 500, High Yield Bond, US Dollar, Gold Miners