Catherine’s Money & Markets Commentary: November 15th, 2018

By Catherine Austin Fitts


Burning California


  • ECB to Wind Down Bond Buying; Will Italy Bolt?
  • Fed’s December Rate Hike
  • US Treasury: Federal October Receipts
  • Greenspan and Fink on Government Deficit
  • US Drops Gauntlet in South China Sea
  • US MidTerm Election Aftermath: Arizona, Missisippi, Florida and other Clawbacks; Administration Turn Over
  • Amazon tees up US government reengineering: HQ next to Fed and Treasury, with center in Nashville (Fed Branch in Atlanta District) Local governments pay a pretty penny to subsidize Amazon’s sites
  • Corporate Bond Spreads Widen with GE Woes – National Security State Players Sitting Pretty; Outsiders Squeezed in Liquidity Trap
  • UK Cabinet Approves on Brexit Deal
  • Buffet buys JP Morgan, B of A
  • US Sues UBS over Mortgage Fraud; Lloyd Blankfein and Goldman in Hot Seat
  • Bizarro: Is Mueller Lost in the Weeds?: Jerome Corsi says he expects to be indicted; Trump to submit written answers to questions
  • Quelle Suprise!: DOD Can Not Pass Audit


Stop saying “no one” as in “Why is No One Doing Anything?” and “Why is No One Saying Anything?” – Thousands are doing things and saying things and you need to start affirming them as opposed to negating them on behalf of fake news, fake government and fake corporations. GET WITH INTEGRITY!

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