Catherine’s Investment Rules of Thumb

A woman making and showing thumbs up hand sign with coins and piggy bank on the table for saving money concept

1. You and those you love are your assets – invest in you, your health, your homebase and your own business first;

2. Bank and do business with people you respect and trust;

3. Stick with the primary trends;

4. Keep it simple;

5. Have a plan for the worst case; otherwise don’t worry about it;

6. Have a plan to succeed in a slow burn;

7. Focus on people, assets and enterprises that are useful;

8. Try to avoid people and enterprises who do harm as defined by you;

9. Focus a small % on prototyping, learning emerging trends;

10. Practice effective paranoia/predator evasion;

11. Tithe a % of your profits; and

12. Pray without ceasing.