Catherine Austin Fitts – on USA Watchdog

Catherine Austin Fitts – on USA Watchdog

Published on Oct 4, 2016

Financial expert and Investment advisor Catherine Austin Fits says there are “bad signs” all around in the economy. Fitts explains, “What I have been watching in the cut and run is the leadership organizing and coming into what I would call a controlled demolition. So, it’s not a crash, it’s a controlled demolition.. . . . The chances of this slow burn continuing are radically diminished.”

In closing Fitts says, “We’re coming into a real crunch. It’s either war, depopulation or change. Now, I am for change. I’ll use my favorite  Tina Turner quote, ‘We can do this nice or rough.” There is a way to do this nice, but it’s going to require all of us growing up and taking responsibility and we are going to have to change.”

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