Food for the Soul: Knives Out!

“Ransom Drysdale: What is this? CSI: KFC?” A line from Knives Out! By Nina Heyn- Your Culture Scout Our streaming devices are groaning under the


Food For The Soul: The Laundromat

“Think of this as a fairytale that actually happened.“ A line from the movie The Laundromat By Nina Heyn- Your Culture Scout How do you


Food for the Soul: Caravaggio in Rome

Caravaggio. Narcissus. Ca. 1599. Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Antica di Palazzo Barbierini. Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons. Public Domain. “There was art before him and art after

By Catherine

Bohemian Grove Underway!

“The Bohemian club! Did you say Bohemian club? That’s where all those rich Republicans go up and stand naked against redwood trees right? I’ve never