Action of the Week: July 1, 2024: Growing Intelligence about Alternative Transaction Options

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Part of financial transaction freedom is having ways of transacting without being dependent on train tracks controlled by people and institutions who are trying to control us.” ~ Catherine Austin Fitts

Solari’s (call to) Action of the Week is for us all to actively gather intelligence about alternative transaction options within our communities. By educating ourselves about various payment solutions, we can increase our financial independence and make more informed choices while contributing to the growth and development of our local economy.

Our focus is on gathering data on community and local currencies, barter networks, barter exchange banks, neighborhood crypto, seed banks, time banks, and other methods of transacting locally outside of the traditional financial system.

The WIR system in Switzerland is an illustration of an effective complementary currency system, operating as a cashless payment method with its unique currency tied at a 1:1 ratio to the Swiss franc.

Of note, following the Great Depression, there were 3,100 community currencies in America, which equates to approximately one for each U.S. county. Some have speculated that the success of these community currencies may have prompted the sudden influx of federal money that brought the local currencies to an abrupt halt. Please make sure to watch, listen to, or read the recent discussion between economist Richard Werner and Catherine (also linked below) about how a highly successful local community currency was destroyed by the powers that be.

We have collated some resources to inspire you. The Solari Report also would greatly appreciate your assistance in understanding the current situation on the ground, including your insights on what has worked, what hasn’t, areas for improvement, and existing functional systems.

Areas of particular interest are:

  • Using mesh networks and analog systems, can we transact outside of central bank systems?
  • How do we take bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies and apply them to successful local currencies and investments?
  • What are the successful approaches and failures in this regard?

We look forward to hearing from you and gaining insights on this timely and essential topic.

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