A Note on the Washington Post

“There are some things the general public does not need to know and shouldn’t. I believe democracy flourishes when the government can take legitimate steps to keep its secrets and when the press can decide whether to print what it knows.” ~~ Katharine Graham, former Washington Post owner

By Catherine Austin Fitts

Given our wonderful Food for the Soul columnist’s review of The Post, I had to add my two cents on Katharine Graham and the Washington Post.

On my next Money & Markets I will review the new Netflix series Wormwood regarding the CIA execution of CIA scientist Frank Olson.

As part of that review, I will discuss my experience with Katharine Graham and the Washington Post, including their role in the cover-ups of the Kennedy Assassination, the Dark Alliance crack cocaine epidemic, the Franklin pedophilia scandal and $21 trillion missing from the US government.

I will also review Katharine Grahm’s personal leadership in the destruction of place-based financial disclosure and Hamilton Securities, the engineering of the private prison industry and the housing bubble – which included profits from gentrification in Southeast Washington DC for Graham and her friends and associates. Not to mention Post board member Warren Buffett’s role as well.

I will also mention Peter Janey’s description of Washington Post Editor Ben Bradlee’s role in the assassination of his sister-in-law and President Kennedy’s mistress and ally Mary Meyer. Bradlee got a Washington Post promotion but his marriage fell apart.

The new movie The Post was created and rushed to the public to help bolster a brand that deserves to fail. It is sad to see that much talent used to try to save the prestige of failing fake news and the intelligence agency in Langley, Virginia that’s uses it to mock you and me.

The Hollywood game of engineering admiration for the people who engineered the financial coup d’etat will continue as long as we permit it. Despite Tom Hanks and an all-star cast, my vote would be to boycott The Post and check out Wormwood at Netflix.

Or, if you do see The Post, enjoy the entertainment as good fiction. Any notion that the Washington Post or Katherine Graham represent transparency or democracy is indeed fiction.

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