5G National Day of Action May 15, 2019

“May 15th is right around the corner, and we’re counting on our friends across the country who are concerned about the deployment of small cell antennas in close proximity to homes and apartments to make this an amazing and effective day!
~ Americans For Responsible Technology

Here is some basic information and user friendly tools including a sample letter. Find what inspires and gives you energy toward your safe work and home environments for Action day and forward aligned with your goals: Americans for Responsible Technology: 5G Day of Action.

Start Your Own Group:

Two Friends and Their Battle Against 5G

Two Friends and Their Battle Against 5G

“The founders of Citizens for 5G Awareness in Huntington, New York, talk about how they started one of the most effective advocacy organizations in the country, pushing back against the involuntary exposure to wireless radiation that occurs with the deployment of so-called “small cell” antennas in residential areas. Individuals have the right to be safe in their own homes and make their own choices about the exposures they are willing to endure.” by GrassrootsEnvEd April 15, 2019

Catherine’s Suggestions:

1. Get morning sun
2. Drink deterium depleted water
3. Use Bluesheild in house
4. Use hard wire to access Internet
5. Leave smart phone in the car – don’t bring in the house
6. Eat as healthy as possible
7. Go to bed early – get up early – decrease amount of artificial light.

“Things that I do to deliver, what I call a ‘high quantum yield’, and how to get the electronics in my body working most effectively… You have to get rid of your Wi-Fi and hardwire all of your computers. You have to get up early in the morning and get some morning sun. There are many things…”
~ Jason Bawden Smith

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