The Doll Song – Tales of Hoffman

Related Reading: The Tales of Hoffmann on Wikipedia Academy of Vocal Arts Note: Catherine will be attending the Metropolitan Opera this evening to see Tales of Hoffman CAF Note: An outstanding performance at the Met


Money & Markets – Week of 10.22.17

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Geopolitical- Week of 10.22.17

>Linda Moulton How LIVE 10/26/2017 – Important Information about the JKF Assassination Linda Moulton Howe | 26 October 2017 JFK Revelations by the Numbers… JFK Assassination Records Release Update: CIA Attempts to Block New Documents


Science & Technology – Week of 10.22.17

Robot Sophia speaks at Saudi Arabia’s Future Investment Initiative YouTube | 26 October 2017 Blade Runner has landed Video.. Latest Solari $50.00 (Best Option) Donation Weather Control Conference 2018 You’re Invitation to Support… NASA rocket

Food & Health

Food & Health – Week of 10.22.17

Helping that Vaccine Along…Electronically JP Farrell | 31 October 2017 Pulsed Electronic Fields at Work.. How Big Medicine Can Ruin Medicare for All Washington Monthly |  October 2017 There are No Polite Terms for this…


Life – Week of 10.22.17

How to fix a school drop off line—using the Strong Towns approach Strong Towns | 23 October 2017 Fixing a Design Problem… The Rise of Global Narcissism Daniels University | 16 October 2017 Chronicling the Loss of


Wildcards – Week of 10.22.17

Military DEW Laser Companies Surround NorCal Firestorm Area !!! YouTube | 25 October 2017 More Evidence of High Energy Destruction… California Fires Defy the Laws of Physics: Where did the House Go? Forbidden Knowledge | 10