Money & Markets – Week of 09.04.16

Deutsche Bank: Bond Investors Are About to Get Crushed as a New Global Cycle Kicks Off Bloomberg | 09 September 2016 Cycle is kicking… Would You Store Your Stuff in Someone Else’s Closet? This Start-up


Geopolitical – Week of 09.04.16

The Day After Disclosure: Richard Dolan’s Unexpected Twist On What’s Coming YouTube | 16 July 2016 Their only goal has been to… 9/11 Suspects: The Dancing Israelis YouTube | 10 September 2016 Arrested in explosive-packed


Science & Technology – Week of 09.04.16

A Beauty Contest was Judged by AI and the Robots Didn’t Like Dark Skin Guardian | 08 September 2016 “Deep learning” group called … Florijn: Payment Network of Businesses and Individuals Real Currencies | 07

Food & Health

Food & Health – Week of 09.04.16

Warning: CDC Wants to Quarantine and Force Vaccinate Americans for Suspicion of Infectious Disease Natural Health 365 | 08 September 2016 Without due… Apprehension, Detainment, and Vaccination for Suspicion of Infection: The CDC’s Quarantine Proposal


Life – Week of 09.04.16

Vanderbilt University Name Placards For Faculty Offices Will Now Include “Preferred Pronouns” Zero Hedge | 10 September 2016 Gender…encouraged to use newly… Exclusive: Why Sheldon Adelson is Against Daily Fantasy Sports Yahoo Finance | 09


Wildcards – Week of 09.04.16

UFO Disclosure: Antarctica, Base 211, and Vril YouTube | 07 September 2016 Flew over the White House in… Was SpaceX Rocket a Victim of Foul Play? WND | 04 September 2016 Element from one of


On the Road in Las Vegas

By Catherine Austin Fitts Well, I’m on the road again. On this trip, I am spending five days in Las Vegas. There was someone I wanted to meet. So I took some time to hang