Free & Inspired in Mississippi

ANNOUNCEMENT: I have just learned that Dr. Perry and his wife Kim were killed in a plane crash this past weekend {August 14, 2016) with two other couples as they returned from a dental conference


Lockheed Cuts & Runs

“They are burying the corpse in advance.” ~ Franklin Sanders The latest Department of Defense (DOD) audit now indicates that DOD is missing $6.5 Trillion for fiscal 2015. This means that for the 20th year


What’s Up This Fall 2016?

“A study of economics usually reveals that the best time to buy something is last year.” ~Marty Allen By Catherine Austin Fitts Last fall was so intense we did a special calendar and write up


Quote du Jour

“From what I’ve seen of those in power throughout business and politics now, the people of your country are not your countrymen, they’re aliens whose bizarre emotions you must attempt occasionally to anticipate and manage.”


Money & Markets – 08.14.16

RBS To Impose Negative Interest Rates On Some Clients BI | 20 August 2016 limited number of our… Housing in America: Comradely Capitalism – How America Accidentally Nationalised its Mortgage Market Economist | 20 August