Solari Hero of the Year 2013: Alfredo Moser

Our Solari Hero of the year is Alfredo Moser , the Brazilian mechanic and
inventor who pioneered “the liter of light”—the conversion of plastic bottles
inserted into rooftops that provide daylight. The technique, which Moser in-
vented in 2002 in response to a electricity blackout, has now spread around
the world.

Wikipedia describes it as follows:
“The invention is relatively simple. It involves filling up a 1.5L PeT bottle
with purified water and bleach and installing it onto the roof of a house. The
water inside the bottle refracts the sunlight during the daytime and creates
the same intensity as a 55 watt light bulb. with the correct installation and
materials a solar bottle can last up to 5 years. as the light relies on the sun it
cannot be used at night and is only meant to provide light to buildings and
homes during daylight hours.”

In describing his powerful combination of bottle recycling and renewable energy, Moser said:“It’s a divine light. God gave the sun to everyone, and light is for everyone. whoever wants it saves money, you can’t get an electric shock from it, and it doesn’t cost a penny.” Indoor lighting for millions of people that is essentially free and can spread virally? That is pretty stupendous. We are looking for Moser’s address to send a contribution and to say thanks for being an inventor who makes a difference.